July to September is the best season to travel to Ladakh and as the season approaches this year, I am sure many of you are planning a trip to one of the most exotic destinations in the world. From my experience as a solo budget traveler to Ladakh, I would suggest take the bus instead of flying to Ladakh. Most people take a flight from Delhi to Leh because its convinient and saves time but its a big mistake. You don’t know what you’d miss if you just fly. On my SWBT blog I posted 25 breathtaking images that should inspire you to brave the rough terrain and weather and take the bus to Leh. I say bus and not SUV or other four wheeler because there are a lot of tension around not allowing outside vehicles to ply in Ladakh. Last year when I was there I faced a day long chakka jam (strike) and that was a bummer.

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The best season to visit Ladakh (July to September) is here and news just came in that the Delhi to Manali bus service have reopened. So now, in addition to Manali and Srinagar you have Delhi too as the starting point of your journey which wasn’t available to me last year when I went to Ladakh.

Ladakh is one of those exotic, mystical, out of bounds destination which challenges the traveler and explorer in you. It is not your weekend destination. People usually plan a lot, wait for that long vacation and make ample savings to be able to make a trip to Ladakh. Finally, when they do, their journey starts with a direct flight from Delhi to Leh.

I am sorry to say but half of the plot is already lost on them. The moment you decide to fly to Ladakh, you have missed the point. For my solo budget…

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