fcc110799fdefe89d75c572622d07c9fHello people. A confession, the staying off Facebook / Twitter didn’t really work. Social media platforms are no longer just places to share your thoughts but also to seek information and exchange ideas. This bit was missing when we first started blogging. Back then it was only about sharing. So that’s a learning from this experiment.

But the sad part is that the news we are accessing on social media is like not even like .1% of the world. I looked up popular news website, NDTV, TOI, BBC, Guardian.co.UK and you know what i found? Everywhere there are only the same 3-4 incidents concerning a micro fraction of India passed off in the name of national news. Nothing can be more pathetic than this. We used to think that foreign networks are better at covering the entire region of India, South Asia, but no they suck equally. They too are talking about those same 3-4 things, I mean what about the rest of the country? Stupid things like Smriti Irani’s Twitter war, Modi’s Tweet which doesn’t mention LGBT identity – these are national news, and these are the same shit that make it to the India section of foreign networks on BBC or Guardian. It is bloody depressing how little we know about what’s going on in the world and how much we talk. Even these Twitter celebs who are so angry all the time and bringing revolution by their tweets are like dumb struck on 99.99% of the topic.

Everybody is dumb, nobody knows  anything, we are surrounded by bunch of shallow ignorant arrogant mediocre asses posing as ‘journalists’, ‘columnists’, ‘activists’ and worst of them all the right wing Sanghi morons who are constantly spreading hate on Twitter. Trends like ‘Warning for Hindu’ was a shock to me. It felt like Godhra happening on Twitter one look at the tweets and all I could see was throats being slashed and Muslim blood splashed on the walls. Nobody knows the truth of Kairana but they are vying for Muslim blood. What they did in Godhra they are doing in the virtual world. Unspeakable amount of hatred with dramatic use of Biblical words like ‘Exodus‘ ‘Apocalypse‘ being spread and the so called Twitter celebs from Congress or Secular camp don’t even bother to participate in these trends. I mean I was shocked at the silence. Are they robots? Do they only have a few set of pre-written tweets which they can just parrot and are completely incapable of challenging the hatred and putting some facts and having dialogues?

And what about these so called platforms like Scroll, Quint, Daily O, News Laundry. Well they all suck, because none of them are doing any real reporting or fact finding from the uncovered areas. They all just making opinions. Opinions are like assholes everybody got one. Seriously I am like so disgusted that i wasted one hour of my time ranting it out here.

I learned about the Femicide in Gautemala and it made me so sad. They are killing women like we kill ants and cockroaches, women lives have absolutely no value. Heard about caste, race and religion based genocide but this is gender based mass murder and that’s why its called Femicide.. Every day hundreds of women are dying. Over 10,000 rapes are being reported pear year. Law and order is completely missing, Army and Police have a free hand,  and of the little number of cases that goes to court the conviction rate is 2%.

This is the case of most Latin American countries. Unspeakable violence upon women. I am yet to look up the statistics but I guess the total number of gender based violence done in Latin American countries would far exceed the ISIS crimes.

It is so difficult to go to bed after reading about the violence all over the world. I was really disturbed last night.

Anyway, today is mom’s birthday. She is my real strength although I really find it very silly to make these testimonies for your parents, but its true. She is the reason I am a feminist with the courage to do things differently. Her constant push to go beyond the edge, go out there and do things. Long back I wrote a series of Poems on her life, take a look – This is Her Story Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.