“Our sweetest songs are those
that tell of saddest thoughts”
Our happiest stories are those
that remained unwritten.
You and I are that wonderful story,
like a movie script that never got filmed.
like that rumour going around, a clandestine affair,
a star couple that the fans rooted for,
but which never happened.
We remained unwritten.

We’ve been around,
like that fragrance on a rainy day
that intoxicates everybody,
but nobody knows where it comes from,
like that old melody you keep humming,
but cannot remember the exact song,
we never came around.

Yet, I imagine.
Every night when I lie on my bed, I imagine.
You may say I am a dreamer,
and you may just as well say, I am the only one.
Still, I imagine, tomorrow would be different.
Tomorrow, universe would work in mysterious ways.
The tiny buds on my flower pots would bloom,
and you’d be at my door step.

I imagine I gave you the keys to my place.
I imagine we made love and not just had sex.
I imagine my friends came over,
and you became my co-host.
I imagine there were things that held us together,
things stronger than a government seal, on a piece of paper,
I imagine love. I imagine life.

You and I as lovers, would not have worked. I know.
But it breaks my heart,
that you and I could never be the lovers
that never worked.