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Flickr Photo Walk Delhi – Macro Texture

Article on the Flickr Photowalk coordinated by me in Delhi. I was the only one who actually did the walk and thoroughly enjoyed. The theme was macro texture photography. In this article, I explained what macro texture is and have shared some of the images I have taken. Pls read on my photography website.

Sanjukta Basu | Photography

When there was nothing, there was Flickr. Launched in 2004, Flickr is like a social media dinosaur, no wait, dinosaurs have extinct as have so many other social networks launched around that time, but Flickr has come a long way. I actually quite despise Instagram and Pinterest for taking the limelight  away from Flickr as the supreme photo sharing platform. Flickr has evolved and shaped itself as per the need of the hour and has since become a favourite among professional photographers  who seek some real meaning in sharing their work. They want to be inspired from each others work, give and take constructive feedback, collaboration opportunities, assignments, and more importantly they want to challenge themselves.

This article is about one such challenge. The group, Flickr Photo Walk gives weekly / monthly photography tasks and assignments to its  members. This week, they called for a worldwide photo walk on 9th or 10th July on…

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