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Back To The Roots: A Wedding Photo Documentary Part 1

My Huffington Post article on Candid Wedding Photography in India, and the lack of wedding documentary photography has angered all the eminent wedding photographers of India. On a Facebook group of wedding photographer’s group they are saying some downright ugly things. For what its worth, when I said wedding documentary photography work is not much there, this is the kind of work I meant. Here’s how a wedding photo documentary would is like, and I maintain my position that we don’t have much of this kind of work in India. Please read on my photography website.

Sanjukta Basu | Photography

An intimate documentary style wedding photography, which not only has the wedding photos but also tells the story of the wedding, like a writer would.

The bride’s father was born in Jessore district of Bangladesh and grew up in Jalpaiguri where his father migrated during the time of India-Pakistan partition. Her mother was born in Kolkata but her ancestry on both her maternal and paternal sides goes back to Chittagong in Bangladesh. The bride and her elder sister grew up in Delhi a city they have called home for over 30 years now.

She was a Delhi girl but when it came to deciding a venue for her wedding the bride wanted to be as close to her roots as possible. It was decided that her grand father’s house in Jalpaiguri would be the wedding venue.

It was a love marriage and the bridegroom is a self made man from a small village in Bihar. Both…

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