Writing this in lightening speed. Gotta keep my followers updated on what’s happening in life even though my hands are too full for blogging. For the last 3 days all I am doing is lying under my favourite Portico sheets and telling myself “So much work to do” but not getting up and doing them. That is the art of procrastination. To be honest, I was really unwell. A brief episode of cough and cold owing to Mumbai’s humidity grew fangs and claws through the weekend. But I prefer being passed off as a swag daring procrastinator who faces the approaching deadline looking at its eyes fearlessly, rather than some miserable sincere sheep, who’s too sick to perform, and hopes for a deadline extension. As House would say, “Hope is for sissies.”

So the Man is getting a Brass Star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame Boulevard tomorrow. I am not invited, of course, because he doesn’t know I exist. Damn I feel like Meera Bai. Also, he appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as a dead voter, life long Republican but death long Independent. He’s voting for Hillary because others doesn’t have a chance in hell. He knows because he got some friends in hell. And Trump was only good in The Apprentice.

In the interview, as forensic neuro-psychiatrist Eldon Chance, he diagnosed Trump and Hillary’s problems, prescribed breast feeding for Trump and soft vertical stripe for Hillary. He also told the American people what they really need to hear.

“There is profit in saying that the world is coming to an end. But it’s not that grim. You know, the American voter is not going to be killed by ISIS, they’d be killed by diabetes. If the ISIS were half decent at their job they’d be opening a chain of doughnut shops.  Fortunately, they are very dim, they have not worked that out.”

It is amazing how effortlessly Laurie can use humor to address some really complex issues and puts things in simple perspectives.

I met a cab driver who wanted to know about some agency. I thought its LA everybody wants to be an actor. So I asked “what sort of agency?” He said, “You know where I can act as a look-alike. I am a middle Eastern.” He didn’t say Eastern, said Eastren, “I am Middle Eastren therefore I can get work as a terrorist.” I thought that was so wonderful. In the midst of all these grand collision of ideas and power blocks around the world the way most people think is, “Well how can I make a buck out of that?” It was inspiring in a way, here’s a guy thinking, “Well this is what everyone thinks of me, I look this way, same time I gotta put food on the table, I suppose I could play a terrorist.”

In other news first two episode of Chance got aired, but Guardian reviewer is not so impressed. Like all mediocre films and TV shows Hugh did, here too he gets the accolades for his acting skills but the story line, direction, production fail to do justice to his stature. I would like to see the series myself though before I make further judgement but sadly, The Pirate Bay is suffering worldwide outage since past 10 hours. Good news is, Chance is available in India on Star World HD Premier, which is quite a surprise. I guess its Hugh Laurie’s star power that they bring the show simultaneously in India.

In terms of life updates, this week, I am busy finishing a story on Nizamuddin Basti women and my research paper for MA Final exams. Last evening we did our 2nd photo expedition to Majnu Ka Tilla Tibetan settlement area. The photos would be published in a media outlet. In case I didn’t mention earlier, a few of us photographers have formed a small collective called Delhi Photo Expedition and we are keeping it small. So don’t ask me how to join. We will open up membership when we are ready. Meanwhile, the photos from our previous expedition was published in The Diplomat Magazine here, and all my photos from the shoot are on my photography blog here

In other other news I had great sex last week. Oh yes, I say it because its almost an annual event for me. It was the perfect evening with a perfect date which ended with the most perfect, and beautiful sex. It was a one night stand though. It seemed we are not going to see each other ever again. He insisted on being contended with the quality and not quantity. And perhaps that’s what makes it so amazing. The fact that it was one shot we got.

I need to write a year end review of my life. The year has been very significant. First half of the year was very exciting, with the new tattoo, the brand new same old love/sex interest, whole lot of weight loss and getting sexy back. Then a relationship Nuke hit me and I lost all my friends. July to August I whined about the loss on this blog, in case you are interested, you could read up the category archive SVDAndI.

Bye for now.