UCC would never be a reality in India because none of the religious bigots would accept a truly uniform code that applies to all. They all want the other group to fall in line and accept whatever they think is uniform but ask them to look at their own personal laws, they won’t accept. For eg. Parsi community, Christian, Hindu they all have certain reservations which they don’t want to change, but want Muslims to fall in line.

UCC should have been a compulsory provision instead of directive principle, at the time of making the Constitution and the tyranny of stupid religious laws should have ended the day India was born as a modern democratic nation state. Sadly, today UCC has lost relevance for Hindus, because Hindu laws are already codified and reformed and gender equality brought in. So Hindu religious bigots have nothing more to lose. Now they want revenge. They feel they have been wronged by the reforms which took away male privilege, so why shouldn’t the same happen to Muslim men? Why do Muslim men still have their privileges sanctioned by religion? That is the main khujlee of the hyper masculine hyper nationalist aggressive extremists from the Hindutva brigade. The left liberal secular thinkers, the feminists and the social activists oppose UCC to show their resistance to this aggressive and communal agenda of the Right wing. They do not oppose uniformity in theory, but they fear that in the name of uniformity minorities would be bullied.

This explains why a feminist organizaiton like Majlis Law led by Flavia Agnes is increasing its support to AIMPLB the king pin of all religious bigots. Today through a Facebook post, they extended support to the Board’s idea of asking Muslim women to go to Darlu Qaza with their marital dispute. Darul Qazas are kangaroo courts, like khap Panchayats, the type that orders 50 lashes to women for getting raped and or marry rapist. SC has stated that Darul Qazas has no legal validity and their decisions are invalid in law, in the sense that they cannot be enforced, nor can they force any punishment on anybody. Majlis Law’s enthusisasm to keep Muslim women ghettoised, within control of Muslim males, denied access to formal justice sytstem and rather push them to Kangaroo courts is utterly shameful.

It is also shameful that AIMPLB took about 80 years for the Board to come to relaize that they need to pay some token attention to women problems. Now, in 2017, now they are THINKING of setting up women wing. Wow. Fucking WOW, they fucking deserve a blowjob for this revolutionary thought. And still Muslim women are advised by leading feminist organization to keep their head down and follow the Board’s command, accept whatever the Board think is good for them. Never, I say NEVER show the middle finger to the Board and directly approach Supreme Court for justice.


My guess is that their support to AIMPLB is purely driven by their resistance to Hindutva politics. Uniform Civil Code is a sensible idea, we failed to achieve in so many years, mainly becuse of ego clash between majority and minority communities, in between women are just pawns.

UCC is opposed on two ground mainly 1) State has no right to interfere in personal matters 2) It is a political agenda

Technically, it is true that state has no right to interfere in personal matters like marriage, divorce, property inheritance, adoptions etc except in cases when you seek some benefit from the state on the basis of these institutions. For eg you got married and want to put your spouse’s name in your passport / health schemes / life insurance / retirement papers. Here it is no longer your personal matter, state is a stake holder in your marriage because on the basis of it you are seeking additional benefits / relief / protections from the state. Then the state has the right to decide what kind of marraige and divorce should be acceptable and what not. If on the other hand you have absolutely no connection with sate, if you don’t care whether your spouse is shown on records, then it doesn’t matter to state whether you marry, don’t marry, live in, have multiple partners whatever.

Secondly, UCC cannot be a political agenda because it says uniform laws for all community, doesn’t say Hindu laws for all community. Without taking a look at the provisions of UCC whenver that happens, how can we say it is political agenda? It seems minority community is confused between politics and religion and they live with a persecution syndrome.

Muslim personal law board to form women’s wing to look into triple talaq. The body has also decided to set up a toll-free helpline to counsel and guide women of the community across the country. Source: http://scroll.in/latest/822043/muslim-personal-law-board-to-form-womens-wing-to-look-into-triple-talaq

While there has been a lot of brouhaha regarding how the Uniform Civil Code will affect Muslims, the Law Commission, in its questionnaire asking the public for suggestions, raises pertinent issues on other religions, too

Source: Not just triple Talaq – Ahmedabad Mirror