Painting Our House: Important Learning

Important learning, if you are painting your home and want to highlight one of the wall with Asian Paints Royale texture, get it done by the company artists directly. The thekedar won’t be able to do the texture properly. I am very sad with what happened to our wall. For one year I have visualized the colour of our house, I wanted the featured wall in Madder Red, Asian Paint’s colour of the year 2016 and other 3 walls in Yellow Charm. This is part of their Rekindle collection, also a 2016 collection. I love minimalist design, and bold solid colours. I never wanted texture. But suddenly at the last minute, when mom and I were picking the colour she wanted textured wall. So I thought ok, why not. So we picked up Madder Red with Yellow Charm and Ragging texture.

Now textures are done by a certain technique using certain tools, particular brush, rollers, cloths, rags, crinkle paper etc. It is not just some paint you can buy and put. There are many YouTube videos which shows how to do a ragging technique but the two men who came to do our wall were simply not efficient. Perhaps they didn’t bring the right tools or they didn’t know the right mix of quote, or right technique of rolling. Whatever, the result was that what I was shown as sample at Asian Paints studio, was not what I got on my wall. The golden metallic colour completely covered the base quote of madder red.and the wall looked similar to rest of the three walls ruining the bold contrast. I told him I want it to be more red, less golden, so he started showing me more patterns, and I didn’t like any of them. I asked my ordinary paint guy whether we can simply go back to the red wall without any texture he said no, once we have put the metallic quote, we can’t make it red again. So I had to settle for some silly pattern. Its a total waste of money to get this texture, because the wall without texture was far better (See photos).

Moral of the story, these textures smextures are better avoided unless you are absolutely sure of the artists you are hiring, I mean say they are coming with recommendation and all. Or you are directly hiring Asian Paints house painting service. Here are the photos of my wall before and after texture.


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