Update On House Painting, Call From TISS

Follow up to this: Waiting For A Call From TISS, Mumbai

They called me for the written test which is on 10th Feb at Mumbai, so I will be going just for the day. The test is called a Research Aptitude Test. 10 out of 80 people would be taken in the course I have applied for, so it is going to be tough. But there isn’t much that you can study or mug up because it is really about an aptitude, that has to be part of your higher education days, not something you can suddenly develop. So I am not really sure how to prepare for the exam, am just going to appear and see what happens.

Follow up to this: Painting Our House: Important Learning

After the paint dried and the floors etc are cleaned, the wall actually doesn’t look bad at all. Even our paint guy was sad that I didn’t appreciate the job, said, “Madam all the people in building saw it and liked so much, you don’t like it.”. Actually now I do.

Follow up to this: Ghar Bana Liya Basu ji?

My sister came from Dehradun for 3-4 days, (she will be doing this shuttling between Delhi and Dehradun for this semester as she has to attend her Phd here and continue teaching there), together we went to get new furniture for Mahavir Enclave house. Next week, once I am back from Mumbai, I would set up my room and be ready to move. Mom and dad would probably move a bit later. Around a week or so, I would have the house to myself *wink* *wink*.

In other updates, I am having a lot of stomach ache last few days, it is possible that the gall bladder stones I am holding for one and half years got bigger or something and needs surgery. I would have got the surgery done, but when I asked the surgeon if it can wait few days, he said, “Sure, wait. Wait for a year if you like,” so I delayed it and then it fell through the crack. On the hindsight, maybe he was being sarcastic, but doctors shouldn’t be sarcastic, right? They should just give a straight answer (unless they are Dr House and they think patients asking if gall stone surgery can wait or not is an idiot). So ultrasound and surgery have to wait another week or more, at the moment, trying to prepare for the test, although I don’t actually study much and while away my time on FB/Twitter, but its something that hangs on my head keeping me tied to the study table.

Sign off.


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