Why You Must Follow Me On Facebook

Why I insist, vehemently insist, that the men I date, friends I hang out with, and my sister, why I insist that these people must, if they care about me, follow my Facebook updates? Facebook is superficial they say, Facebook makes you narcissistic. Real relationship don’t need facebook. Why Facebook, grow up they say. I will explain why. I am a sum total of 40 years of unusual experiences. I have stored in my heart stories full of funny interesting sad poignant people and events which I carry with myself at all times. My feelings today are shaped by my yesterdays. When our lives are so busy with a thousand errands all through the day, nobody has the time to catch up with all that I felt in just one day, let alone a 40 years life time. But maybe just maybe if they followed through my days events on Facebook, they’ll at least get the headlines.

Take today for example. In just 12 hours I went through a myriad of emotions which are related to today but was seeded in yesterdays and years. I am in Mumbai, staying at Kavita and Gopal’s place. Who are they? How I know them? Why it’s so special to meet them after 10 years, and be humbled by their hospitality, having lost all other people we knew as common friends, having moved cities? How did this happen? In the train, when I was reading updates of a particular friend’s wedding, I started weeping for Swagat whom we lost to cancer. Why? What’s the story? What was my relationship with swagat? Why this other friends wedding opened a floodgate of tears for him? These are something I would want to share with people who say they care. And those are just two things. If they didn’t see the updates I made through the day, they’ll never ask, I’ll never tell these stories and the sum total of me would remain unknown.

So you write. Some day somebody would read.


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