Samast virat sanskari people of akhand bharat outraging over a marriage joke I shared in 2009. Eight years. Why? Coming up. In a thread of 22 tweets I explained what kind of low regressive narrow minded people these are, Rahul Eshwar, Shefali Vaidya and their ilks. How they have mastered art of inciting a mob to go ahead and lynch someone. Online, offline. Its happening both places. The following is the set of tweet on this matter. Please read and share.

Friends, let’s take a step back and revisit an English proverb “Why buy a cow when you can get milk for free?” Anybody herd it? It dates back to time immemorial. Not a modern meme. It was used by mothers to caution daughters about certain type of men. The types who look for only sex. Mother tells, “if man get free milk (sex) he won’t buy the cow (marry).” The proverb’s full meaning is mentioned here on The Free Dictionary 

Feminists now object to this regressive idea of man woman relationship depicted in the sexist proverb. Feminists point being, woman is not a cow. There is a nice blog by Good Men Project on this topic, where a woman explains why this proverb doesn’t make sense. Feminists sometimes explain things by a joke, reversing the sexism, to make a point. So they made this joke which is in large circulation across web.

why buy cow milk pig sausage joke

Now, flash forward to 2009, when due to limited characters of Twitter I tweeted later portion of this joke, without any photo. 8 yrs later Sanghis pulled out my feminist joke, in a completely unrelated matter to personally attack me. I said pig & sausage. Outrage.
One Rahul Easwar goes to extent of comparing me with abusive Abhijeet, asking if Abhijeet account is suspended why is Sanjukta allowed to stay.
Either Rahul Easwar is dumb beyond human imagination OR he is purely inciting Twitter mob to attack me, silence me. Besides the point that low lives like Abhijeet take direct names and personally attack, while I made a joke, how is pig and sausage vulgar?
Of course Rahul Easwar’s stupidity spoke for itself. He incited his 104k followers to mass report me, all he got was BIG middle finger. Twitter paid no heed to Rahul Easwar’s desperate plea to suspend my account. Meanwhile his own followers also gave him good.
comment against rahul easwar
My friends and family have now started to call me worried about my safety as they have come accross some or the other WhatsApp forward where I have been called names, abused threatened or some such thing. I told them not to worry, its happening to the likes of Barkha Dutt and Arundhati Roy, for me its just the beginning.