This article makes some important points about secular feminist movement at one hand and marginalized women in Muslim community. The Sharia Law has no place in any civilized community, be it UK or India. But in India for ages, behind personal laws a lot of discriminatory practices have carried on. Status quo was maintained so far but now that a group of Muslim women have gone to court against Triple Talaq secular Indian feminists should support the petition unequivocally. Unfortunately, most of them are silent, not taking any position, while few like Flavia Agnes have given vocal support to All India Muslim Personal Law Board. This is baffling.

We feminist should not support AIMPLB just in order to oppose the BJP and Sangh parivar is trying to misappropriate the issue and pretending to be great saviours of Muslim women, when their actions clearly speak louder than what they profess in words. We cannot side with minority right wing to oppose majoritarian right wing.

Source: Sharia courts have no place in UK family law. Listen to women who know | Pragna Patel | Opinion | The Guardian