Much sanskari outrage over a tweet I made a year ago, in which I question a vengeance seeking masculine mob blaming Anushka Sharma, for the bad performance of Virat Kohli. As if, he was playing cricket with his dick, instead of sporting skills.

The right wing trolls dug out the tweet from past and used in completely unrelated irrelevant topics in their futile attempt to embarrass me. These narrow minded patriarchal Sanghis and bhakts think that a woman using a-sanskari words like dick vagina penis breast is reason enough to insult her and question her credibility. They also think that simply by pulling out my old tweet they can make me feel scared or ashamed or whatever. Well boo ha ha.

The most important thing missing from Sanghis and right wing heads is not brain, it is context. They are like those 4 blind men in a room with an elephant. None has any idea what they were touching. So here is presenting the context of my sarcastic rhetorical tweet on Virat Kohli and dick. (From 

Hey all. So big news is one of my tweet from 2015, regarding Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma is shared by trolls to embarrass me. Hard luck. Remember time when for a man’s bad performance his girlfriend was blamed by vengeance seeking mob? Ya. Happens everyday in war and riot. So remember time when Virat Kohli’s bad game was blamed on Anushka Sharma?

Let me remind you how Anushka Sharma was called National Panauti by violent Twitter mob largely male.

Virat Kohli Fails To Score, Twitter Users Blame Anushka Sharma In All-Out Sexist Attack

“Hurt” Virat Kohli says fans should be “ashamed” for blaming him, Anushka Sharma for India’s ousting from World Cup

The matter was of such national crisis that idiots on Quora started looking for answers. Like life’s big mystery.

Is it unfair to blame Anushka Sharma and Kholi for India’s defeat? 

Why do Indians blame Anushka Sharma for Virat Kohli’s failure? 

So it was in this context that I made my sarcastic tweet and I ask again? Virat Kohli was playing cricket with what? His dick or his sporting skills? Because only if a man plays with his dick, will he show bad performance at the sight of his girlfriend sitting in stadium distracting him.

Blaming women for man’s bad performance is very much a regressive Hindu religious mindset which started in mythical times. Hindu mythologies is filled with stories of Apsaras being sent to do tapasya bhang. Story of Vishwamitra’s tapasya broken by Menaka is most famous. It is bloody pathetic isn’t it? Do men have nothing in their head, everything is in dick? A beautiful apsara can so easily distract them?

Hindu idea of spirituality considers women’s body as impure, sinful and a distraction for men in their path to great deeds. For the religiously inclined being dedicated to God means to abstain from women and sex. For the patriotically inclined men in half pants at the RSS camps being dedicated to country means abstaining from women and sex. Ram Krishna Paramhansa used to say to his disciple that women is doorway to hell.

This is the ideology that drives right wing trolls to attack women more and more.