The amount of efforts right wing troll are putting in to 1) Intimidate me 2) Question the credibility of my entire identity and opinion, I wonder is it even worth it? Have I really done something so significant that BJP is so rattled?

I woke up today to see they have spread another blatant lie about me. They pulled out an 8 yr old tweet, retweeted it over 100 times abusing me, reporting me to UP police, apparently all for their love for Mayawati. This is obviously convoluted. If at all I did abuse Mayawati (which I haven’t) how is BJP, Modi Bhakts and hardcore hindutva goons concerned? Well they are doing this to divide the opposition. BJP is shedding crocodile tears for Muslim women, Dalits but in the end they are nobody’s friends except upper caste Hindu male. Yeh kisi ke sage nahi hai.

The tweet in question was one in a series of 10-12 tweets I made questioning the nasty  jokes using #suemaya hashtag. I repeatedly condemned a particular joke which personally attacked Mayawati’s body type, marital status. They have now pulled out the tweet where I quoted (within inverted commas) the very joke I condemned. Owing to Twitter’s limited characters, I always chose grammar and punctuation carefully. But they deliberately ignored the inverted commas to make it look like as if I am making the joke rather than condemning it.

Here’s how the chain of events unfolded.

On 30th June 2009 this is was my first tweet questioning the disturbing trend where thousands made fun of Mayawati.

In next tweet I shared links (now defunct) to the jokes on Mayawati’s body, relationship status & expressed my complete disapproval.

Several of my followers questioned me back saying #suemaya jokes are all in good fun, why am I reacting. So I again explained.

Not only did I question the sexist jokes on Mayawati, I also questioned the whole trend. “What’s the point?” I asked.

Some of them said, we are raising issue of corruption. At that point I sarcastically conveyed that such jokes as the one quoted in inverted commas cannot be called as “issue raising”. I carefully chose the punctuation.

It is this tweet which is pulled out making it look like as if I am making that joke, rather than condemning it. They do this business of spreading lie very systematically. Several BJP supporters with big follower base have retweeted it with provocative descriptions instigating a twitter mob to lynch me. All of them fuming over it are from Hindutva gang. Not one Dalit is bothered.

I am a still a very small fish on Twitter, with mere 6000 followers. Yet they work so hard to not only simply abuse me but play these vicious games. Somewhere I must be doing something right. The thing that disappoint me though is that opposition to BJP is not united. While they work systematically and make the lies and rumours fly fast, my clarifications don’t even get shared. I continue to fight alone.

I have now called up BSP Party office, spoke to one Mr. Gulam Mustafa at length and explained the whole thing.

Summary of my tweets in this thread: