This is my fourth blog post about how for the last 4 months the right wing trolls have been harassing me. It is an open secret that the right wing trolls are supported by BJP IT Cell, ok allegedly, and over past 4 months I have observed such patterns in the trolling, I can now write a book on it.

Below are some of the most common offenders who routinely manufacture lies against which I will be making a formal FIR. I have so far sent an email to the cyber cell after which they have initiated a complaint. I am asked to meet the SI personally to file an FIR, which I plan to do this week. I am collecting all the screenshots at the moment.

This is getting beyond control now, they are attributing any random comment to anybody and spreading it like fire. This fake news is taking lives, people are getting killed because of rumours and fake posts. The right wing social media trolls across Twitter and Facebook absolutely do not think  twice in taking our photos from somewhere and giving any random caption to it. They argue it is parody, people know it is fake. But they don’t.

1. Most commonly seen rumour about me is that I have said somewhere eating beef makes me beautiful. But since i am ugly, it is supposed to be hilarious for them. Point is I have never said any such thing.

Twitter Name – Presstitute of India

Twitter handle – @PTI_News_

They have made 3 posts attributing lies to me. The objective of these posts are to call me ugly.

Lies spread by PTI parody account 2
Lies spread by PTI parody account 3
Lies spread by PTI parody account 1

All the above posts are completely fake. I have never said any of those things.

2. Facebook page – We

Main source right wing website –
Second commonly seen rumour is that I professed animal rights somewhere and then also said i like to eat all sort of non-veg so I am a hypocrite. To support this fake narrative they share screenshots of two of my Tweets. The idiocy in this is that the first tweet is about my photography. It is tagged with #SWBTMumbai #StreetArt, and it’s a photo of a mural at a railway station with the message ‘Save the animal and plants’. It is not my message, it is the message of the mural. But logic, reason don’t matter in right wing troll circle. They took that tweet, and the other tweet which is about my food habits and call me hypocrite. This is how the right wing insults people for criticizing the government and Modi.
FIR against right actions in

3. The Cyber Bully – They make photoshop images spreading lies. The below Tweets are completely fake.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are literally millions of times each Tweet is retweeted and millions of paid trolls start saying the most despicable thing one can imagine. It seems as if there is a betting going on as to how worse can abuse get. I am very brave and have a very thick skin to carry on with making opinions and criticize the right wing powers but not everyone can be like that. These trolls brutally silence small voices of dissent. This is no way to live in this civilized society.

When will we wake up to this?

I am of course not the only one to whom this is happening. They are doing this to anybody who dares to criticize Modi. These lies and abuses are Retweeted by the top most BJP people. Yesterday  BJP Spokesperson Shania NC tweeted one such lie, and later made the excuse that her account was hacked.

Chandigarh stalking case: BJP’s Shaina NC shares fake image of victim, deletes tweet claiming account was hacked.

Chandigarh stalking case: BJP’s Shaina NC shares fake image of victim, deletes tweet claiming account was hacked