Hi all

In the month of Aug 2017, I appeared on BBC World Service Radio Program talking about the issue of fake news and trolling in India. I was in conversation with Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson of BBC World Service program BBC Click, earlier known as Digital Planet. I spoke about the right wing troll army on Twitter who continuously abuse and troll any voice of dissent. I have often said that there are only two explanations behind a troll’s behaviour. They are either robots, with AI but gone bad, so rogue robots. Or, they are humans with no intelligence or emotional quotient at all, basically zombies. I speak more on the issue.

This is my 3rd appearance on Click, first one being in 2005, 12 years, such a long way. The first appearance was with Delhi Bloggers Group, as part of a Delhi Bloggers Meet I organized with BBC World team, of these same people. The second time Gareth invited me over to talk about Blogging Outreach Workshops and Global voices online, both citizen initiatives to bridge Digtial gap.

The podcast is available for download. You can hear the program here. Hear me speak from 15.40 mins onward.

I will soon make a longer post on the subject. Stay connected.



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