On the 33rd anniversary of the 1984 Sikh Genocide, join Queer Activist Sambhav Dehlavi, his mother Amita Sharma née Devinder Kaur and Writer and Photographer Sanjukta Basu for this one of a kind Human Rights Walk to commemorate the lives lost in the 1984 Anti Sikh Riots and the victims of a systematic onslaught against minorities under the new far right political regime.

Sambhav, Queer Rights Activist, 3rd generation old Delhi resident of Pakistani Sikh refugees and his mother, who witnessed the account of systematic murders, rape, loot and arson at the age of 16, are both the story and the storytellers in this two hours human rights walk as we hear from Ms Kaur about how in her Old Delhi Haveli, over 200 Sikh lives were saved by her father, and other horrors she witnessed during those 3 days of curfew. Hear from Sambhav about the history of Kashmere Gate, his growing up as a queer teen, and how his family history have helped his queer activism.

Sanjukta Basu would share her experience of meeting Dalit and Muslim victims of mob lynching by caste and religious supremacists including the state apparatus, as part of the Karwan E Mohabbat, a month-long journey, led by Activist Harsh Mander. She would speak about how the growing incidents intolerance across India, are systematically breaking the very soul of the minority community, reducing them to second class citizens.

The walk will start from Kashmiri Gate Metro Station and go through the labyrinths and by lanes of the historical area leading upto Ms Amita Sharma’s old Haveli, a site that saved over 200 Sikh lives, where we’d hold half an hour of conversation, followed by lighting of candles at the Haveli.

It is a paid event and prior registration is preferable. There are 4 days and 3 time slots to chose from, fees Rs. 500 (discounts available) see more details below.

Date –
28th October, 2017 (Saturday),
29th October, 2017 (Sunday),
30th October, 2017 (Monday),
31st October, 2017 (Tuesday) 33rd Annivesary

Time – Three slots available
08:00 am to 10:00 am
11:00 am to 01:00 pm
04:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Duration – 2 hours (approximately)
Charges – INR 500/- per participant,
INR 300/- Students (Show ID),
PAY AS YOU LIKE for SIKHS and Hijra/Kothi, Trans
INR 1250/- Foreign Participants
Meeting Point – In front of Gate #1, Kashmiri Gate Metro Station. Click here for google map – https://goo.gl/m4zVLH

To register for the walk, please drop us an email at sk.sambhav or fill use the google form https://goo.gl/grWZU4

Featured photo courtesy: Inquisitive – http://www.inkquisitive.com/

More details of the Event on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/453326638395047/