First some Data:

Mere 6% of the unaccounted black money is in cash, rest is in gold, shares, real estate, overseas banks.

Mere 50% of Indians have bank accounts. It was mere 35% till 2011, increased to 53% by 2014 (

Per official government records a mere 25 crore Jan Dhan yojna accounts opened so far, in a population of 125 crore, 23% of the accounts are in zero balance (

Why zero balance? Well, let’s look at another data, number of banks per lakh persons in India is only 0.01 which is the lowest among Bric nations ( also because people are new to banking system, many are illiterate, banks are far away.

80% of Indian economy is cash based (hope you don’t need a link for this fact, it is common knowledge).

Now some more facts:

53 people did really die standing in queue or while coming back or going to banks/ATMs, demontisation being direct cause of their death, manifested through heart attack / dehydration / lack of medical care. Now you do a cost benefit analysis, I am not a business person, but you are I think, you are a techie too, must be good with numbers. I am a stupid woman, what the hell do I know, what the hell do Guardian editors know anyway, they are just dumb bitches who hate Modi, right?

So I urge intelligent people to read up facts and data, do the math, do a cost benefit analysis. The hardship caused to 1.3 billion people vs. the benefit of smoking out mere 6% of cash black money, what weighs higher? Was it worth it? If this is worth it, then how far can we go for greater good forgetting the basic value of human life, individual rights? Would it be worth a shot bombing entire villages to take out few terrorists? Would it be worth killing a few millions to set our per capita income? Perhaps eliminate all poor to eradicate poverty? And kill all diseased with AIDS to eradicate AIDS from face of earth?

If you think about it, it would be for the greater good. Like when bird flu occurs we cull the chickens, right? Well, Modi has done that to humans. Yes, I am hyperventilating, because educated people ask for data and facts, you have no eyes and ears, you cannot witness what’s happening around you, you have no brain and heart either so you cannot think through or feel, you cannot construct what might be happening in the villages, have you never seen a village set up? Ever met a women who never stepped outside her home?

Data and facts, really! Like you care, about the truth. You just want to blindly believe.

That’s all.