Shyam Rangeela broke into comedy scene by a hilarious video mimicking PM Modi which infused the famous Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai meme with Modi’s signature histrionics. The video has got 1 million views on YouTube.

Hailing from a village in Rajasthan, a farmer’s son, Rangeela soon received call that he was directly selected in Top 50 for Star Plus show Great Indian Laughter Challenge, and had to compete for top 15. But his signature act, Modi’s mimicry got dropped off. He was asked to prepare new script, initially told mimicking Rahul Gandhi was ok, then at last minute he was told even RaGa cannot be mimicked, so he had to prepare a whole new script, discarding an act he prepared for a year. The performance was average, in the next round however he was too depressed to give his best and ultimately got eliminated from final 15 ending the Great Indian Laughter Challenge dream.

shyam rangeela

This is how artists are ruined. There is no official confirmation however, on whether Modi/PMO himself got the act dropped. In an interview Rangeela said Modiji apparently has heard his mimic and appreciated. But TV channels owners, show producers routinely do this self-censoring that is well known. India’s TV/Film/Entertainment industry is a cesspool of inefficient talent less cowards. Only few names stand out, and they are routinely hounded by cops, self proclaimed custodians of culture, this sabha, that parishad, that sena and other assorted gangs. Tanmay Bhatt to name just one (

Interesting to note the content of Rangeela’s act which got dropped and later went viral on social media (because self censorship or forced censorship still not a thing here). The act was not political, it infused the banal ridiculousness of a soap opera plot with Modi’s histrionics and the result was insanely funny. The real reason why Rangeela is so popular is because he does exactly what is so funny about Modi. He takes the most bland, unimportant pieces and colours them with the most dramatic earth shattering dialogue delivery, exactly what Modi does. Sample this, try reading this in Modi’s style, “Bhaio beheno main aap se puchta ho, kya kartik ko woh laddu khane chahiye the ya nahi khane chahiye the, main aap se puchta hun bhaio beheno”

The banality in asking if Kartik should have eaten the laddu is no different than Modi shouting about Chidambaram’s comment on Kashmir’s autonomy. Both are useless issues made to sound as if its apocalypse already, done with emotions that can melt the entire south pole.

Modi is in fact his own mimic.

Meanwhile, while channel stops Modi’s mimicry, upping his game everyday with unique, subtle, self deprecating humour and a boy next door persona, Rahul Gandhi mimics Modi. Watch:

Also watch the Rangeela act that got dropped.

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