Vishwa Hindu Parishad organized a Conference for Gau Rakshaks. That’s right, that’s how pathetic India is that we now have conferences to encourage and empower jobless hooligans. And guess who graced the occasion? None other than UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Let me tell you cow vigilantes are a bunch of mindless criminals, plain and simple. Even PM Modi described cow vigilantes as,

“anti-social elements” who indulged in crimes by the night and masqueraded as cow protectors by the day…some criminal elements has opened “shops” in the name of cow protection.

Though it was mere tokenism by Modi, he never really meant it, but still we can rely upon the fact that he publicly asked state government to make dossier of these criminals. Question, did any state government do that? Should we file an RTI to find out? CM Yogi should be first to answer what is he doing encouraging these criminals instead of preparing dossiers.

Yogi said:

“There is only one way to protect Indian culture: to protect gau (cows), Ganga, and (goddess) Gayatri…Only the community that can protect this heritage will survive. Otherwise there will be a huge crisis of identity, and this crisis of identity will endanger our existence,” he said.

This is called inventing enemies to keep your own existence relevant. This is nationalism. A nationalist would keep inventing enemies. ‘Nation’ is built upon imaginary fear of “outsider/other”. Without enemy, nation and its nationalist sons who are desperate to yield power, loses relevance. There’s no fixed definition of this other, it’s Muslim today, Dalit tomorrow, Black today, Hispanic tomorrow. That’s what Yogi is doing here. This threat to identity is completely baseless. There is not an iota of proof behind this. It is merely an act of provoking jobless youth against minorities – Muslims, Dalits, Christians and terrorize them.

Hindutva terrorists have been terrorizing minorities for ages now. Remember the violent murder of Graham Staines and his two sons? From Graham Staines to Pehlu Khan what has changed? The change is that now the terrorists are emboldened. They have a free ride, and they are going about killing freely. Just Google for Gau Rakshaks or Cow vigilantes and you will see. Here are some links to read.

Very good reportage by Reuters

Emboldened by Modi’s ascent, India’s cow vigilantes deny Muslims their livelihood

Situation in Mewat

“Earlier, our cows went up for grazing for up to 7-8 kms. But now the fear of vigilantes has forced us to keep them within the periphery of our village affecting the productivity of the animal,”

“Police can arrest us, Gau Rakshaks beat us and commoners have now started abusing and threaten calling Gau Rakshaks. The fear is so high that if our cows cross the border we (Meos) don’t dare to cross the road fearing being trapped by cow vigilantes. Is this justice?,” asked Jumman, another member of the family.

“Fear runs so deep that even when their cattle fall sick doctor are rather summoned at home than the cattle being taken to the veterinary hospital for fear of being harassed,” he added.

Hindutva Terrorists are terrorizing minorities every step of the way, they are constantly living in fear that they maybe attacked killed any time. Also attacking their livelihood, breaking their backbone reducing them to 2nd class citizens, as planned by the vile Golwalkar.

Read how Rajasthan Police Snatch 51 Cows Of A Muslim Family After Hindu Activists Filed A Complaint

Read how they attacked a hotel owner, young men working in hotel, beat them up and registered FIR against the victim.

Jaipur meat assaults: Victims of cow vigilante attack were prosecuted – but not mob members

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