This is a common person’s guide to understand the impeachment motion, I had originally shared these as multiple tweets.

First time in independent India #Impeachment of sitting Chief Justice is being moved by opposition because they have lost faith in him, and suspect him of being biased towards certain people. Supporters of BJP, the ruling party, are criticizing the motion, further confirming the prevailing suspicion that CJI is pro-BJP.

These are wonderful times in India. We keep saying democracy is lost. In my views, democracy has never worked better. Look at us, how the opposition are kicking back like never before, using every mechanism available to protect the nation, and to fight Fascism.

I don’t know anything about the #Impeachment but it seems BJP supporters with some numbers and 🚩 🔱 as Twitter handles; flowers, mountains, angry, hanumans as DP, double digit followers, know a lot about the topic. They are so convinced about @RahulGandhi’s invisible hands in it.

Opposition calling the motion a revenge because of  yesterday’s decision on Judge Loya case. Let me clarify, five grounds of impeachment are mentioned by the opposition, but #JudgeLoyaVerdict is not even mentioned. Further, BJP spokespersons saying Rahul Gandhi is doing this but total 70 MPs from 7 parties have signed it. The process is initiated because 4 SC Judges raised concern in unprecedented press conference. #Impeachment is a Constitutional process. Results would be as per Constitution, ordinary people like you and me don’t fully understand it, so we rather not comment.

If “sagacity of Supreme Court” meant we cannot ever impeach any CJI then why this provision even mentioned in Constitution? Beauty of our Constitution is that in rare case when even CJI might be biased #impeachment can be done. 1st time in India we do feel CJI is biased.

In my personal views, in last 4 yrs one by one all institutions seem getting biased. Election Commission, Judiciary, Education. We all feel it, even BJP supporters know it, but they don’t mind, cos they be like “so what, apna bhagwa hi to hai.”

But when 4 SC judges come out in an unprecedented press conference, and tell us there’s something seriously wrong in the Supreme Court, we as a nation must be worried. At that point central government must worry too and try to protect SC, the institution, and not any individual.

Q we must ask our PM & Central Govt – When 4 SC Judges came out in an unprecedented #presscon to say there’s something wrong in SC, why PM himself didn’t take decision to impeach CJI? Why BJP spokies, members, groundworkers said Judges are bad, CJI good? Why BJP protecting CJI?

BJP openly saying that is doing because they are scared of verdict. Why is BJP so confident that it’d be in their favour? If this confidence is cos CJI has RSS background then THAT right there is reason of impeachment.

is moved to protect judiciary. 4 SC judges reached out to people, raising concerns. Members of Par (people’s representatives) took a constitutional step to address concern. Why this party clash? BJP too shud support it.

Congress is not doing anything here. Concerns first raised by 4 SC judges themselves, holding a they shared concern with people of india. Then Members of Parliament (representative of people of India) took required action. That’s called democracy.

The impeachment is both sad and interesting. With BJP’s advent road to gained momentum. RSS ideologues placed as heads of various institutions. too allegedly has RSS background. 1st time SC judges expressed concerns of bias.

Fascism invading, democracy fighting back.