I have been busy with so many things, that I forgot to update my main blog with the news that I was covered by the esteemed news portal Scroll.In for my Women With Tattoo project. Please read the article ‘An Indian photographer is challenging the idea that ‘a woman with a tattoo is a slut’ by Scroll’s reporter Zinnia Ray Chaudhuri. An excerpt below:

When she turned 39 in 2016, photographer Sanjukta Basu decided to strike off one thing that had been on her to-do list for a long time – get a tattoo. “It was because I had finally figured out what I wanted inked on myself,” said the 41-year-old, who got her tattoo artist to draw a sailboat on her forearm surrounded by the image of flying birds and the words, “wherever the wind takes me”.

Read more on Scroll.in May 6, 2018
About the project

I conceptualized this project in July 2017 to tell the stories of women with tattoos in order to break the negative stereotypes around them. If you ever look up Google or Instagram or even Twitter for “women with tattoos”, you will only see highly sexualized objectified imagery – skimpily clad women with lots of tattoos but no information on who they are, what their life’s stories are, their pain, joy, struggle, dreams, and most importantly, their tattoo story. Why did they have that tattoo? What does it signify? How does a tattoo define a woman, how does a woman represents herself through her tattoo, how it becomes her identity, these information are rarely available. In popular culture a tattooed women are just a slutty, sexy woman who must be drinking, smoking and having casual sex. My visual documentary project attempts to break these stereotypes and misinformation and find out the woman behind a tattoo. I call it a project which gives it some sense of formality, but it is not a formal project. I started it at my individual capacity on personal expenses and that’s how it still is. I wanted to, and still do want to make it a formal project get funding and sponsorship but have not been able to dedicate time in pursuing it properly.