I was on India Ahead channel prime time debate as a political analyst to discuss the controversial Rafale Deal. The main objective of the debate was to address the issue that in the political games, it is our defense forces who suffer because they really are in need of sophisticated weapons and fighter jets.

Apart from the various questions related to the Rafale Deal which are taking rounds, I made two specific argument in this debate.

  1. Both parties are playing perception games, there are endless cynical Qs, and it is not wrong in a democracy to have cynical questions. Rahul Gandhi is only doing his job as opposition. But the question is how would common people make out what’s the truth? Only solution therefore is a Joint Parliamentary Committee.
  2. I have observed that the BJP is trying to get away with all questions related to Rafale by simply making it all about Rahul Gandhi. There are personal attacks like, Rahul doesn’t understand anything, he is a pathological liar, he has no other issue. But I made the argument that this is Mr. Gandhi. Many more members of society are asking the same questions, from media to civil society. 1.3 billion people cannot be shut up just by saying, “This is an irrelevant question.” Government must hold a JPC.

You can watch the full debate on India Ahead YouTube Channel.

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