On Saturday morning news broke that Chief Justice of India is accused is accused of sexual harassment. The CJI denied the allegations and expressed grave concerns and warnings regarding the independence of judiciary. He hinted that there is a much larger power behind the complainant who is trying to attack the office of judiciary.

Around two hours 6 pm April 20, 2019, Supreme Court Advocate Utsav Bains has taken to Twitter to break another stunning news. Utsav Bains has made a sensational claim that few days back, he was offered 1.5 crore bribe to help in a alleged conspiracy against the CJI.

This author cannot check the veracity of his claim, his statement posted on his Facebook is being reproduced as it is here:

I was offered bribe to lawyer and organise a Press Conference against the CJI for the Ex SC staffer who has accused the CJI of sexual harassment just a few days back and also specifically asked to organise a press conference only at the Press Club of India.

When I refused the person who was initially praising my pro bono work in the Asaram case etc and interestingly claimed to be her relative but on the other hand looked like a trained agent and he also couldn’t satisfactorily reply as to what was his relationship with the Ex SC Staffer and then suddenly offered me 50 lacs as my legal fees if I agreed to lawyer and again he asked me specifically to organise a press conference at the PCI after I refused as I found the story facts fishy and also he couldn’t reply to any question about the many loopholes in the story he narrated. When I again refused he said 1.5 Cr. I then asked him to leave my office.

I then enquired more about this issue from reliable sources in Delhi for days, every information pointed to a larger conspiracy to make the CJI resign and kingpin of which are many Delhi based SC fixers or those who engage in cash for Judgements.

I was convinced about a well planned conspiracy after days of getting such credible information.

I then finally went to CJI residence yesterday evening to inform him about the bribe offer and the conspiracy, around 7 pm. But his staff said he’s not at his residence. My CDR tower location details can be checked.

Later at night I then called a SC reporter with impeccable proven integrity to meet me today for an important subject and also asked him if he could arrange a urgent meeting or get a message sent to the CJI asap. I had also today morning planned to meet Prashant Bhushan Sir and Kamini Jaiswal maam about this.

But then today morning my perception turned out to be true.

After hours of ponder and soul searching, I have decided to speak the truth and file a detailed affidavit in this regard in the SC along with evidences of the conspiracy against the CJI by a lobby of disgruntled judges, SC fixers, corporate scamsters and a few corrupt Politicians – All who have meticulously planned the conspiracy to force the CJI to resign as their ‘Corrupt works were not going through in SC‘

After today I will not be appearing in any case in the court of the CJI. Also, I have never personally interacted with the CJI or anyone close to him, my electronic records etc are open to any independent scrutiny. I will leave legal practice if anyone can prove that I have associated or even interacted with CJI outside the Court room ever. As a matter of principle I don’t butter or bootlick judges.

I was stopped to go public by some senior wellwishers and told that lobby of judges who is planning this conspiracy will turn against me and harm me professionally. But my conscious doesn’t allow me to turn my face away and let history record today’s day as the darkest day in the history of SC.

I moved to Delhi from Chandigarh as I refused to be institutionalised in judicial nepotism. My grandfather is a retired HC judge who appointed many HC judges and father a senior lawyer, many of his friends or my family friends are HC Judges at PB HRY HC – Precisely the reason why I moved to lawyer in Delhi.

In SC until now I have only associated in SC with the likes of Prashant Bhushan and Kamini Jaiswal and with Anupam Gupta in PB HRY HC, all who are known for standing against financially corrupt and morally corrupt judges and against judicial nepotism, fearlessly.

I have till date never associated with any kin or kith of SC judges as principle of having a clean legal practice and refusing to be institutionalised in nepotism or be a member of the uncle judges young lawyer club.

Utsav Singh Bains
(Excuse typos typed on phone)