Breaking: Chief justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi, has been accused of sexual harassment and persecution by a former employee of the Supreme Court of India. The complaint is made in a sworn affidavit sent to 22 judges giving out graphic details of how CJI allegedly touched and molested the woman. Unlike Vinta Nanda, Priya Ramani and thousand other woman who came out with their story publicly this complainant remains hidden from media.

Multiple theories have already floated to not trust the complainant. I will start with me, I am no longer in the camp that blindly believes any and every Me Too story. I would judge each case on its own merits. I do not trust the present one, against CJI Ranjan Gogoi,

  • A Judge who is tough on the ruling regime’s argument in Court;
  • who admitted Rafale review petition, accepted new documents as evidence;
  • Is hearing Rafale and Electoral Bond, both being cases where he has taken position against govt argument, and if they go against govt favour Modi will be in jail and BJP’s funding will end.
  • Not when complainant is anonymous.
  • I trust a Vinta Nanda, a Priya Ramani, they faced the world with their allegations, stood up against men with political clout from the ruling party. But Chief Justice of India is hearing the Rafale Scam which can put PM in jail. The timing & manner of complaint very suspicious.
  • Never forget Judge Loya. Don’t forget that this CJI had gone public against this govt for Judge Loya. But they couldn’t buy him or threaten him so now this.
  • We are living under the rule of somebody who is a master of deception, fakery, conspiracy. Who can orchestrate an event of any size and implications without limits. Pls be very very cautious in blindly believing this Me Too story. All are not same. Cannot be.
  • Remember this, another such completely baseless allegation of rape was brought against the Congress President. SC not only dismissed it, but also imposed fine on complainant for lying. And even then till date they spread that same lie through WA.
  • The complainant and her family has criminal background, it is not likely for a powerful entity to pay her large sum of money to bring false allegations. I would want to know who she is before trusting her. Without knowing about her credibility, I would not doubt the CJI.

Now, below are two other theories, both from the right wing camp, but strikingly different.

2nd theory: False case by Congress to force CJI to not issue adverse judgment against Rahul Gandhi in a ‘contempt of court’ case.

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3rd theory: False case by Congress to give adverse judgement against Modi in Rafale case.

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