Interview with Sanjukta Basu, feminist writer and polymath

I was recently approached by one Pitambar Kaushik, who wished to interview me for Feminism in India. He wanted to do an email interview, which I usually avoid because writing down my answers takes a lot of time. So I told him to do it on phone. He insisted that it is in writing to avoid mis-interpretation. I then sent him a voice recording of my answers which is more or less same as a phone interview. He has now got it published, but not on Feminism In India. Apparently, due to some policy issue, they couldn’t publish it on FII, but it is now available on Counter Currents. I have no reason to complaint, as Counter Current is an award winning renowned progressive media platform with an international audience.

Most of the questions in the interview were perhaps posed at some other Sanjukta Basu whom I don’t even know, someone who is very important and successful. I don’t see myself in such a larger than life image, I am a very insignificant person. So, anyway, here is the link to the interview on Counter Current by Pitambar Kaushik. Hope you like reading it.