Kulbhushan Jatav and Karnataka Assembly Crisis

The top headline today is about the two decisions to arrive today: 1/ At ICJ on Kulbushan Jatav’s fate in Pakistan and 2/ The SC decision on Speaker’s power in the Karnataka political crisis, where the incumbent government is required to prove his majority but with 15 MLAs allegedly poached by BJP chances are slim. Cong-JDS coalition is merely holding fort as long as they can, using all available legal recourse and that is their right, they should be commended for that. BJP’s has really changed the rule of the game, using muscle and money power to do whatever they want and are not even apologetic about it. BJP leaders or spokespersons on TV debate do not even deny the charges, they just give the most lame defense any predator or seductress would give, “If they cannot control their heard, not our problem.” Apparently, the fact that BJP is luring the MLA is no problem at all.

On Communal Issues

  • Ashok Ghelot says will bring law against mob lynching and honour killing. I am looking forward to that.
  • Jharkhand Court orders Quran donation, right wing outraged: Distribution of 5 Quran to a college girl who was held for making anti-Islam Facebook post. This innovative decision has sparked an outrage now, which is shameful. Here is somebody trying to bridge the gap created by hate and people are further outraged.
  • Attack at Madrasa on name of beef – UP, Behta village, Fatehpur dist

Right wing’s attempt to rewrite history

I keep comparing India’s political discourse with the international sphere and realize that the structural problems in our politics are never discussed on tv debates and op-eds. Eg Post Truth Politics, History Rewriting, these are structural alteration India is witnessing with the coming of a far right orthodox government in power. Another such example is in today’s paper.

The Delhi University academic council had to send back new syllabus of English, History, political science, sociology etc after some students and teachers created ruckus. Why ruckus? Because the syllabus speaks truth, Truth about the Guj and Muzaffarnagar riots among other things. Highly important inter-sectional academic topics like ‘Literature and caste’, ‘Interrogating Queerness’ are found objectionable by so called natioalist teachers and RSS’s student body ABVP. These people cannot leave education alone, they want to get politics into it. They want to whitewash the violent past of RSS/Sanghi parivar violence by force. Merely a bunch of teachers and students create rucks on the campus, raise slogans and syllabus will be changed. There is no value for higher education anymore. Indian students will no longer be able to compete at world university in the areas of intersectional studies. What future are we giving to our children? This is how fascism approaches. Every fascist regime tries to destroy knowledge and a thinking mind.

Post Truth Politics

Shivraj Singh Chouhan tells a blatant lie about the Congress government in MP but Indian Express reports it as, “Shivraj Singh Chouhan tweaks minister’s remark on Sita temple to slam Congress govt.” It is not tweaking, the media should use the right words for these stories. The Cong minister said they will send a team to Sri Lanka to find out what progress BJP govt have done regarding Sita temple. But he totally lies on Twitter that officers will be sent to check if Sita was kidnapped. This is BJP’s style since 2010-2011, they just blatantly lie. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/shivraj-singh-chouhan-tweaks-ministers-remark-on-sita-temple-to-slam-congress-govt-5833114/

BJP’s MLA poaching and RSS/BJP colonisation

  • New Governors for Chattisgarh and AP. Both are BJP leaders
  • Neeraj Shekhar SP leader jumps ship, joins BJP

Women Stories

A 40 year old woman came and sat too close to a E-rickshaw driver, he asked her to sit in back, but she didn’t listen. He then got off to argue with her and she fled with the E-rickshaw. What a cute story. I would love to meet this woman and know her, about her life, her story, her mind. These are the kind of stories on which we should make movies, what must have compelled her to do this, was it adventure or poverty?

Gender and sexuality

Gujarat, Thakor community bans inter-caste marriages and mobile use by girls in 12 villages. This appalling news comes just the day after I sent my latest column on honour killing where I argued that this crime is about patriarchy and not caste. Not allowing woman mobiles is part of the controlling required on their sexuality, choice in marriage and reproductive potential. Mobile is a gateway to a world of knowledge and information which might open the girl’s eyes, inspire them to dream and achieve bigger things than marriage and motherhood. Such regressive decisions comes and goes and nobody speaks up, no TV debates, no op-eds. I Googled to check if anybody wrote any op-ed on this, but no, all results are of the news, not of the outrage or opinion on it. Found out one Guj leader prefers female infanticide than girls marrying intercaste. When will such control on women end? What should we do? I feel so pained.

Worst thing is how the news is reported. Indian Express reporter Ritu Sharma uses a language as if this kind of move are legal, as if it is a government decision. She writes, community “adopted a resolution” “The move comes after” “several inter-caste marriages reported recently” Such language legitimizes these unconstitutional village courts and diktats. The reporter should have added the fact that these are illegal to give a balanced view. I also found it starnage that teh reporter talked to Cong MLA but not BJP. Why talk to Cong, they are not in power not in a position to do anything about the move. Very unprofessional reporting by Ritu Sharma.

The editorial page doesn’t have any of the socially relevant topics, except Muslim women’s entry to mosques. This is not so much hotly debated as yet, not sure why an op-ed is there.