In March this year, I started making a video series called Aaj Ka Akhbar, Newspaper Today – Daily News, Views And Analysis in my signature style of anger, and a bit of humour. After about 4-5 episodes, I felt it was a cumbersome task recording the videos, uploading them all by myself. Then too many people gave me too many suggestions and feedback, some said, don’t stand while you speak, some said don’t sit. Some said, you need better lighting, some said don’t put music. I got confused and gave up. And it makes me sad to give up on a great idea. I am confident that I have an excellent screen presence, and can pull audience, but I need a better production team. Which needs a budget, and a revenue model. Too many issues to put my mind on at the moment.

As of now, I am just sharing one of the episodes here and making an appeal to anybody who would be interested in collaborating with me to get in touch with me via Twitter or this blog.

आज का अख़बार Ep 5 – Newspaper Today, 1 Million New Congress Cadre in UP

  • Raj Thackeray said war like situation before LS predictable
  • Election dates announced, are we going to talk about real issues or only national security and terrorism?
  • Nirav Modi spotted in London, Rahul Gandhi tweets that he and Narendra Modi are so similar
  • EC says no use of Forces for politics, but maximum politics already done by BJP.
  • PM deludes himself to be IAF, says “Modi went and hit Pakistan.”
  • AAP govt to finally to install CCTVs; Home delivery of 46,000 services done by AAP Govt from Sep to Jan.
  • Fugitive Nirav Modi, BJP blames Cong for giving loans – So even if stealing was done when he was not on duty, but why did Chowkidar let the thief run away from under his nose?
  • Rahul Gandhi says we would simplify GST, Modi government already followed his long standing suggestions of bringing most things under 18% slab.
  • 1 million new cadre joined in UP Congress in just 1 week after Priyanka Gandhi took over
  • MP Govt fulfils 83 poll promises in 76 days, advantage to Congress for general elections
  • Due process not followed in leasing out 6 airports to Adani. Modi acts like Mohammad Bin Tughlaq
  • In a smart strategy Congress social media team hijack Modi’s election slogan, NaMumkin Ab Mumkin Hai.

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