Today’s main headline is about Moon mission, I have no interest in it. I am interested in people’s stories.

Remember the BJP Minister’s son who had beaten a public official by a cricket bat? Yeah, everybody condemned right, and even PM Modi said whoever son it is, not tolerable? Now a BJP panel says, no no PM wasn’t taking about Vijayvargiya’s son. That is just how they lie. So shamelessly.

Before elections BJP and PM Modi made very tall claims about how many kilometers roads they built under PM Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY). Now a World Bank report says, even though roads are built, it didn’t improve agriculture, which was the original purpose. The PMGSY was started in 2000 to connect rural areas with market so that farmers can benefit. But opposite happeend. With better roads and connectivity, people are going to the cities and taking jobs in non-agricultural activities.

Right wing Imposition and Bullying

Delhi Univ Executive Council have now sent the syllabus for English, History, Pol Sc and sociology syllabus back to the departments for revision after right wing created ruckus. Whenever these bullying is done by right wing, all bodies and councils succumb. Nobody stands up and says just because you object doesn’t mean we have to bend over. That is how fascism comes and holocaust happen. Even if some people dissent, they are less in numbers, and majority rules. This happened in Election Commission on the complaint against Modi. v

No mob lynching or hate crime reported on today’s paper. Quite a lot of pages are filled with tributes for Shiela Dixit. The IE Oped touches two topics, Dixit obituary and Sonbhadra killings. Punjab CM Capt Singh’s pays tribute to Shiela Dixit. On Ideas page, Ashok Gulati suggested that farmers should be given direct cash in their accounts not subsidies. I didn’t read the full piece, because it is annoying that people suggests same thing that Rahul Gandhi wanted to do with his NyAY scheme. Read here

In international news, Pak PM Imran Khan is in US and Indian columnists trying to proof he is getting no respect there. What’s the point of this? Whether he gets respect or not, how does it matter?