An attempt to murder her?

She is known in media as the Unnao gang rape victim who brought rape allegations against a BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar who has a huge political clout, her FIR wasn’t lodged for a year, until story broke on media as she with her father attempted to immolate themselves. Even after lodging FIR UP Police did not arrest the MLA who was often seen smiling away without worry in and around UP assembly. The Allahabad High Court had to intervene and ask CBI to arrest him. Strangely, BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj visited him in jail on June 5 to thank him after elections. Thank for what? What was Sengar doing from jail that he deserved Sakhshi Maharaj’s thanks? Hard to tell. But the events are too much for coincidence, one tends to wonder was there some other purpose behind the visit? Could some conspiracy be cooking? I mean within a month of the visit the victim complainant’s car met with an accident. Her aunt and lawyer died in the spot. She is critical in hospital. Prior to this her father too had died in police custody.

Update July 29: FIR filed against BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar Alleging Murder

An FIR is filed against the BJP MLA by the family of the survivor. There are conflicting reports coming from police and the doctors treating the victim. Top UP cop earlier in the day said the victims, the Unnao rape surivior and her lawyer are out of danger. However soon the doctors contradicted that statement saying she is critical, on ventilator but stable. The police also earlier said it was a case of accident, but soon an FIR was filed for murder.

She is on life support, perhaps counting her last breath. Two of her aunt has died in the accident. Earlier her father was killed in police custody. She is all of 19 years of age. The rape allegedly took place when she was 16, but the sexual violations were started when she was 11. To quote her own narrative,

“I screamed. I knew people were sitting outside in the corridor, but no one came to help me. After raping me, he asked me to leave and straightaway return home,” she said.

“I was crying. He wiped my tears and told me that he would get me a good job. When I told him I would file a complaint, he threatened to kill my father and four-year-old brother.

“I went back home and kept quiet,” she said, “I was in pain. My mother kept asking me if I was fine. My sisters asked me why I was not smiling, but I kept quiet.”

Ananya Bhardwaj, The Print, April 11, 2018 <>

Few more details have emerged, the number plate of the truck involved in the accident was blackened, when its owner was asked why, he said because he was trying to avoid his money lenders. Sounds like a bizarre story. The three security personnel who were supposed to be with the victim at all time were not in the car at the time of accident, investigations are on to find out why. The victim’s mother allege that some police are in collusion with Kuldeep Sengar, they say the security was tipped off.