Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, celebrated both in India and West for films like Mr. India (1987), Bandit Queen (1994), Elizabeth (1998) and Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007), who has won the most premier awards in all three nations, BAFTA Awards in UK, Academy Awards in USA and National Film Award in India and also the National Board of Review Award, and three Filmfare Awards and who in 2010, served as one of the Jury Members (International Competition) at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival has taken to Twitter to share his past as a partition refugee who have lived life in fear of ‘intellectuals’.

As poignant as it sounds it is perhaps not so true. Kapur was born to wealthy parents who were related to the famous Indian film actor Dev Anand, he went to India’s most premier school Modern School in Delhi and St Stephens college, and became a Chartered Accountant with the ICAEW in England at just 22. He was also married to the Prime Minister of India’s daughter. How many people get to meet and marry PM’s daughters? That is just how privileged and intellectual he is as per as his CV.

But well, we live in post-truth era. Truth, facts, logic, reasons has no value, it is all about perceptions, emotions, subjective. I maybe the Queen of England but if I say I am a persecuted victim, who practices Yoga, and only Modi can save me, that is the truth for Bhakts. They will run with it.

Non-bhakts on Twitter however have been mercilessly exposing his false narrative. But it doesn’t matter. His Tweets have already got 10k Likes, while each tweet exposing his hypocrisy would not reach beyond 1.5 to 2k Likes / shares on the higher side. This is also part of post-truth politics. No matter how illogical and false a statement is, it would be endorsed and made viral by millions just because they like what they read, it soothes their soul, it aligns with their mentality. Mob mentality and post-truth, the most deadly combination for outright legalized genocide.

While some of them exposed his real background which reeks of nothing but privilges and riches. Others like Javed Akhtar and Kavita Krishnan exposed his hypocrisy, sad mental state, and the dangerous fascist ideology he is peddling.

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Op India and My Nation Already At Work

Predictable right wing websites Op India, NewsD and My Nation have already dashed out articles with BJP-RSS’s preferred narrative, defending Shekhar Kapur and attacking Javed Akhtar which makes it convenient for Modi’s social media sena to make their side more viral and mount the attacks at Javed Akhtar. Notice the choice of pictures in all such articles published by both right wing and the liberal camp. There is a lot of politics in the cover picture for articles.