This news just broke barely few hours ago, I read on Indian Express, but other media also reported.

The moment I saw the tweet, without even clicking on the link, I told myself in my head, “The army officer must have been a Muslim,” and I was right. I found out after reading the report, his name was, Amanullah. No further information on who the attackers were and what was the motive is available yet. But the fact that I thought it could be a Muslim speaks volumes about the commonality and predictability of violence against minorities in India. And that even a Army man is not safe.

This is not the only case, the first mob lynching victim Mohammed Akhlaq’s son was also an Army man and he too was beaten. And another Army man in Assam Mohammed Sanaullah, a Kargil war veteran who won President’s medals, was declared a foreigner and was detained by police in Assam on May 23. He has been removed from the NRC list and his case is still pending.