Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has hit out at the BJP for not yet sacking the BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar who now stands accused of Murder along with gang rape. The MLA was arrested on April 14, 2018 by CBI and have been lodged in jail since then. But BJP has not taken any action on him. Apart from this BJP has not taken action against Akash Vijyavargya and Pragya Thakur among others in spite of Modi making public statement revealing his displeasure on both of their actions.

There is a huge outcry for justice for the teenager who is on life support currently. Several political leaders and social activists have spoken up on the matter but the BJP leaders have mostly kept quiet. Particularly sad to see that woman leader in BJP like Smriti Irani, Nirmala Sitharaman and others have not uttered a word on the incident.

Here are some of the reactions from political leaders on the Unnao rape survivor’s accident yesterday. The hashtag #BJPSackSengar and #UnnaoCase is now trending among Top 10 on Twitter

As usual many BJP-RSS supporting people on TWitter are resorting to random whataboutery on Priyanka’s tweet, peddling old lies. One particular lie about Rahul Gandhi is still spread by BJP supporters even after it is disproved by no other than Supreme Court. The people who brought false charges against Rahul Gandhi were even fined by Court for making false allegations. Still no matter how many times truth is told, BJP agents keep peddling old lies. The truth fails because BJP has more money to pay more people to copy paste the same lie every time, everywhere, every tweet, every comment section of every news article.

The NCW is quick in making statement

Rahul Gandhi has used his signature style sarcasm to slam BJP on Unnao accident

Why are women leaders of BJP silent asks Congress’s Sushmita Dev

Salman Nizami has made a visual representaiton of the same allegations, why all BJP woman leaders silent.

Scrolling down at least 2-3 times on the Twitter trends page one cannot see any BJP Leader express concern or asking for justice. Pradeep Bhandari, popular BJP supporting face often seen on Republic TV says case should be transferred to CBI. Hate mongering Prashant Umrao who can be addressed by no other term but Hindutva-cyber-terrorist does whaboutery that many people in this case already arrested, but what about Jaipur.

Some journalists are asking tough questions to Congress

Popular satirist Akash Banerjee squarely blames Rahul Gandhi for the Unnao rape and accident