Today’s headline is about the Unnao rape and accident case. This is one of the rare times that a woman’s story, that too her rape is making to national newspaper headlines. This happens in rarest of the rare case. Usually any woman makes it to the first national headline is if she is the Finance Minister passing the budget or the Prime Minister or the leader of the ruling party or the main opposition. At second level comes female sport-star, although in my lifetime I haven’t seen any female sport-star being there. Anyway, so the news is that CJI is to hear the matter of giving the victim and her family additional security, and transferring the case out of UP.

The body of the CCD Founder is found, he seem to have committed suicide. His tragic end has opened a debate on govt’s tax terrorism.

A very interesting report on de-radicalization of 120 youth by Maharashtra ATS who had joined or were going to join the ISIS terror outfits but have been brought back by a lengthy process of counselling. The report reflects the efforts of ATS but also reveals the dangerous radicalization of Muslim youth that is happening. Islamic radicalization is a reality and no talk of secularism has addressed this issue.

Much of the programme is under wraps so The Indian Express spoke to several officers who run it, individuals who were put through it and their families to piece together the story of how police turned counsellors working with a hastily put-together roadmap with a clearly defined goal.

Sagar Rajput, Indian Express, Aug 1, 2019 <Link>

The Zomato case is featured at the bottom of the paper today, in page 1 Anchor section. I wrote about it already yesterday on this blog.

In another case of trials and punishments after 20-30 years, Mumbai Session Court has acquitted a Muslim man arrested in February 2019 for matter related to 1992 Hindu Muslim riots.

Everyday the newspaper gives me stress but there is one good news today. The Delhi University’s departments of English, Sociology, Pol Sc and History have refused to give in to the irrelevant flimsy objections to syllabus from ABVP and NDTF. This news and the Zomato’s response yesterday are ray of light in dark times.

Parliament is passing bills like a playing cards are distributed among gamblers at a casino, like breads are baked in a tandoor and served hot at a busy highway dhaba. As TMC’s Derek O’Brien asked, are we passing laws or delivering Pizzas? Bills passed yesterday, Eviction Bill, River Water Dispute Bill, Vehicle Amendment Bill.

On Communal Issues

After passing the Triple Talaq Bill, the right wing’s next target to flare up communal tension will probably be Uniform Civil Code. Nishikant Dubey, a third-time MP from the BJP, raised the matter during Zero Hour, drawing protests from the Opposition benches. It turns out there is a petition in Delhi High Court seeking UCC, and the Court has sent a notice to central govt to hear their side. The central govt had in 2018 sent the UCC matter to Law Commission which said it is neither necessary nor desirable. I have written about why UCC can never be a reality in India here.


Today’s editorial page has three opinion pieces on Triple Talaq. Indian Express Editor in the piece ‘Shortchanged By Law’ has condemned how the Bill was pass without proper legislative scrutiny, and says both government and opposition should take blame. Why should opposition take blame? How much more would they have protested? And about those who abstained from voting they are obviously bought by BJP, how can we blame opposition as a whole? This so typical, just to sound balanced. The truth we know, BJP is bull dozing these bills. I remember in 2015-2016 Modi government attempted to amend the Land Acquisition Act made by UPA. Congress party, led by Rahul Gandhi, created so much protests, agitation and in the end they had to stall it. This time without RG at the helm, there is not so much protest, but even if they protested, the numbers are weak.

Faizan Mustafa wrote this is BJP’s power and not justice, certainly not women’s right. Shazia Ilmi of BJP obviously sings too much praise, says it is end of patriarchy.


  • Investment in real estate gale 31% in H1 2019
  • June core sector growth skies to 0.2% . It is a near 4 year low.
  • Indian Oil Corporation Q1 net profit falls 47%