In one of my recent Daily O columns, published after the election, I wrote…

For a couple of years, there has been endless speculation about who manages Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle. After seeing his ‘New India’ tweet on International Yoga Day recently, it seems to me that it is he himself. Post-the 2019 verdict — and the mysterious disappearance of Congress social media in-charge Divya Spandana — Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account has become spunkier and somewhat weird, which indicates that it is no longer being managed by a so-called ‘communication expert’, but Rahul Gandhi himself, who is speaking his mind without inhibitions, for better or worse.

Basu, June 29, 2019, Daily o <>

After today’s dark sarcasm laden Tweet from Rahul Gandhi on the current state of Indian economy my speculations in this regard is further sealed.

I don’t think a strategist would come up with this kind of humour which is so Rahul Gandhi written all over. In one tweet he called both Modi and Nirmala Sitharaman incompetent, suggesting Modi knows nothing and is relying upon Fin Min for wisdom. And that that Fin Min is not much in the knowing or understanding of the economy either. And then he expresses his nonchalance about the shit that has hit the ceiling, economy is in terrible state and all signs are pointing towards to an impending recession. This is Rahul’s signature style of humour.

You’ll ask how can I be so sure? What the hell do I know about Rahul Gandhi’s signature style, right? But I do know a bit.

You see I met Rahul Gandhi once, along with a bunch of others. Now, I am an extremely perceptive person, you can say I have a gift. I can very quickly see people’s inside, who they are, what their core features are. The first impression I get about people is almost 90% of the time the most accurate which only unfolds with time and then years later I go, “I told you so, I knew it, that’s exactly the kind of person she or he is.” This is in both negative and positive sense of course.

My first impression of Rahul Gandhi was “what a carefree nonchalant guy, and damn that terrific sense of humour, just brilliant.” During our meeting I noticed this again and again, he listens to people carefully, and in between he will say something subtle, something clever and often very dark with a straight face. It is the kind of humour an American pol leader might have but not an Indian politician. But he has it, and nowadays he has been flaunting it.

Good for him, I say. He should stay the way he is, if that means he is no longer interested in putting up a politically correct face, so be it.