NRC and Citizenship Amendment Bill, together are BJP’s nemesis

Today’s headline is how BJP has defied Supreme Court’s instruction and gone ahead and revealed district-wise exclusion data in the ongoing NRC process.

Flying in the face of the Supreme Court’s directions to the State NRCCoordinator almost a year ago, the Assam government Thursday revealed district-wise figures of people left out from the National Register of Citizens. And said that in districts close to the Bangladesh border — where the share of Muslims in the population is high — the exclusion percentage was lower, while in other districts it was comparatively higher.

Abhishek Saha, Aug 2, <>

Back in May 2018 I wrote on my column that BJP’s Hindutva experiment in Assam is a failure. And this NRC is turning out to be its nemesis. NRC and Citizenship Amendment Bill together was their Hindutva project but there were massive protests against CAB. And now when the NRC process is almost complete it is revealing the most uncomfortable truth, that doesn’t suit BJP-RSS ideology, the maximum number of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh might be Hindus, not Muslims. So now BJP itself is arguing that the NRC process is flawed. But just few days back when rights activists like Farah Naqvi, Colin Gonsaves were saying that the process was totally flawed then BJP spokies were saying no such thing. Now they are worried that their own people are being excluded, and not as many Muslims are being excluded as they hoped.

Aug 3: Indian Express in their Explained section, Why district-wise figures of people excluded from NRC draft matter.

Doctors and medical students in Delhi protested the passing of Medical Commission Bill. I have not read the bill in detail, but I am hearing many people saying why Congress isn’t doing anything about all these arbitrary bills, why no protest. I think Congress should not protest at the moment. Already one of the protesters said this is UPA bill. Right there is the problem, if Cong joined the protest, they’ll say this is Cong’s doing. We didn’t do anything.

Parliament continues to serve hot cakes straight out of oven. Bills passed by RS yesterday: Amendments in POCSO, Medical Commission Bill, Bankruptcy Code, UAPA Bill. Kapil Sibal had asked to send the bill to select committee but it wasn’t and passed. Congress is now being blamed for supporting it.

All these pizza delivery by Parliament was being lauded as hard work and productivity by TV anchor Rahul Kanwal. My response:

Brave school girl in UP stood up and shut down hypocrisy of a UP Police officer who was lecturing girls about safety and how they reach police in case of any harassment. She said, what’s the point. We can see what happens when we complaint against politicians, we see what they did to the the Unnao victim. Killed her family. Her video went viral and even Priyanka Gandhi shared the news, but now her parents are scared and not sending her to school. Such a brave girl, she can be the Prime Minsiter one day, only if they let her grow without fear and inhibitions. If only they don’t force her into marriage and push her back to domesticity. I worry for such young woman.

Reporter Milind Ghatwai reports on the Zomato case, writes all about the guy Amit Shukla, his education business which gives him legitimacy and respectability but does not mention that he is a sleazy pervert who posts offensive sexual comment on other people.

On Communal Issues

So long as some states are not ruled by BJP we might get some justice in these states. The Delhi Minority Commission has taken strong objection of a BJP MLA who said 50 mosque, madrasa or graveyard in Delhi are built on illegal land. The DMC says not a single one is on illegal property. They are now considering taking legal action against the BJP MLA for making such a claim.–illegal-mosque-madrasa-or-graveyard-in-west-delhi-2012972.html


On Editorial page, it is funny to watch how BJP leaders, that too men, are writing pages after pages on how great Triple Talaq Bill was and how it empowers women. Typically like the white men who came as colonizers said black people and women don’t know anything, so we will subjugate them for their own good, we will make laws for them, but they will have no participation and representation in it. Women and Black had no vote. Today BJP has no Muslim women MP, how are they making laws for Muslim women?

International news: Pakistan Taliban is warning people against vaccination. Reminds me of how RSS body didn’t want Indian women to get cervical cancer. Read my report here:

Economy: Terrible shit

  • Auto sale keeps sliding down, no respite for automobile industry, mass shut downs and jobloss
  • Market falls to five month low on weak macro data, US Fed comment
  • Tax revenue growth: Widening run rate may hit govt’s fiscal math
  • Airtel Q1 losses
  • Crisil cuts GDP growth estimates – “Crisil has sliced its estimate of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth by 20 basis points to 6.9% for this fiscal, following a triangulation of downside risks: weak monsoon, slowing global growth, and sluggish high-frequency data for the first quarter”
  • Tata Power consolidated Q1 net down 87%  

Perhaps this is why govt is trying to divert attention to Kashmir with all the troop movement.

On Explained Section today, there is a box item that gives a religion wise data on unemployment. It predictably shows religious minority are most unemployed.

That will be all for today.