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Case #2: NRC Assam reveals uncomfortable data, BJP denies data just because it doesn’t suit their narrative of vilifying Muslim illegal immigrant from Bangladesh. For one year, rights activists said the process is flawed. BJP denied. Now they themselves argue process is flawed, Hindus unfairly targeted.

About Assam NRC

The Assam NRC process is going on for over a year now. “It is an exercise to identify Indian citizens living in Assam, a state marked by illegal migration from Bangladesh. The final draft was published in July last year and included 2.89 crore of the 3.29 crore applicants— excluding around 40 lakh people. The release of district-wise data comes weeks ahead of the scheduled publication of the final NRC on August 31 (Explained, Aug 3, 2019, Indian Express).

Human Rights Activists Protested NRC But BJP Defended As Long As it Suited Them

Several Activists and human rights organizations protested the NRC method vehemently throughout last one year. They said the process was unfair and we cannot leave so many people stateless even if they are illegal. In a recent TV debate Colin Gonsalves of HRLN said “what are you going to do with them? Where will they go? We cannot do that, it is against International law.” Farah Naqvi said “we have to remember the age old principle, even if hundred criminal go scot free, let there be not a single innocent be punished. This system is flawed, from where will poor people whose homes are flooded every year give documents? Why did the put the burden of proof on the people whose rights you are taking away?” They pointed out that family members of ex-President of India have been excluded, Army veterans have been excluded which only proves that the process is flawed.

But no matter what they said, “The BJP and RSS representative in the debate arrogantly and aggressively stood to the ground that nothing is wrong with the process and NRC should be replicated all over India. See the debate yourself.

BJP defended NRC till the time they didn’t know the district wise data segregation. The moment a BJP MP from Assam revealed the data in Parliament on Aug 1, the whole thing turned on its head and BJP is singing a new tune. Now they themselves are saying the process is flawed and Hindus were unfairly targeted so a re-verification is needed. Supreme Court however has already turned down re-verification. SC also instructed that district wise data segregation should be kept confidential.

BJP MP from Assam defied that instruction and revealed data to create political pressure and alternate narrative of “Hindu targeted”,

It turned out, more Hindus are excluded from final list, and Muslims are included as citizens who can stay in India. BJP’s plan of targeting only Muslims as illegal immigrants are busted. #AssamNRC

Their narrative that India is filled with Muslim immigrants and every last one of them should be picked and thrown out is busted. It is Hindu immigrant from Bangladesh who are possibly filling Indian streets.