If you walk into a pediatric clinic you would see how parents of ailing children tightly clasp them, hold their hands and feet, and pin them down on a table so that the doctor can administer an injection shot, even as the child scream and squirm.

That’s what the Modi government did to Kashmir.

The government exercised its unbridled power to unilaterally decide what is best for Kashmir and went ahead bulldozing Kashmir’s will, consent and trust and established its power and authority over the people of Kashmir. For so many years, they had a special status that has been snatched away from them showing various reasons and justifications, but there is a simple question to which Modi has no answer:

Did the people of Kashmir ask for this? Did they ask for development and all other and monies Modi govt is offering to Kashmiris?

Modi bhakts are arguing it was for their own good, but did they ask for it? Why is it so difficult to understand that what a parent can do to a child cannot be done to a state in a federal democratic republic. Because the state and its people are not infants. I will give another metaphor, as a woman, if my bodily integrity is violated, if a sexual offence is done to be against my will and after that the perpetrator said, don’t worry I will give you job, money and position, that doesn’t mitigate the crime. Same way, even if you want to bring development, the fact that you didn’t have the courage to do it openly, you went behind people’s back, lied to them, kept them in dark makes it wrong. It can never be made right by showing false utopian dreams.

This will not solve Kashmir problem. Only worsen it.

Narendra Modi is no Kind and selfless mother so when he says everything he did is for the benefit of the state it doesn’t really inspire a lot of confidence. He has trust deficit with Muslims people and Kashmiris in particular. He is a RSS poster boy who failed to handle the law and order situation during 2002 Gujarat pogrom and neither resigned from the CM post nor apologized for his failure.

Modi’s Kashmir move was all about personal glory and chest thumping. Just like demonetisation was an irreparable damage to nation’s economy, Kashmir move is a damage to Kashmir problem. It would only get worse as the youth will never be able to trust govt. To fully integrate Kashmir Modi should have made efforts to win the heart of Kashmiris. But how will he win people by love ? He is not exactly the warm loving kind and fuzzy guy. He in a bully he can only make people fear him not love him.

In typical pattern of finding a singular enemy to vilify and create hate for them, all blames of Kashmir’s problem are being put upon the Abudullah and Mufti who has traditionally remained at helm of Kashmir’s politics. BJP are asking “Do only 3 families represent all Kashmiri people?” No. Just like RSS-BJP do not represent all Hindus. 3 families don’t represent all Kashmiris. But in political representation, if you can win vote, you are their leader. And Kashmiris have voted for these leaders many times. So while these 3 families are mainstream political leaders, Modi has huge trust deficit in Kashmir. He couldn’t get any vote. Attempt to make unholy alliance with PDP also failed after which Gov rule applied and now State itself is dissolved, turned into Center’s colony.

The move will be challenged in the court and even from my limited understanding I can tell that the -govt decisions are unconstitutional.