One of the first legal challenges to the range of decisions taken by the central government on Aug 5 and 6, filed by Activist Tehseen Poonawala, seeking an end to the communication black out in Kashmir has been heard by Supreme Court, but no decisions given yet. The matter is to be heard again after two weeks. Read more on LiveLaw

According to Twitter updates by Deccan Herald’s legal correspondent Ashish Tripathi, Supreme Court seems to have heard the matter patiently and earnestly but expressed trust in the government that the decision to block communication must be for a good reason. However, the Hon’ble Court emphasized that the they are in favour of restoring the facility (communication).

This is a positive developmnet on the matter, as the Supreme Court did not reject the petition outright. There were some speculations from right wing media / Twitter handle last week that the apex court has refused to hear the matter urgently, which was not entirely true. The decision to hear or not hear a matter urgently is not a reflection upon the merit of the case, various factors are considered to arrive at a procedural decision, but such an impression was given to dilute the gravity of the situation.

For the time being, Poonawala has secured a partial win, as the government is now responsible to appear before Court in two weeks and make statement about the situation in Kashmir and whether the ban on communication can be lifted or not. As Poonawala tweeted, “Will seek accountability with humility in two weeks.”