Every day in this nation becomes worse than the previous day. There is no humanity left. We are fast becoming like the most backward violent savage African nation ruled by some tin pot dictator. There is no hope anymore.

All 6 accused in Pehlu Khan mob lynching case acquitted by Alwar Court.

“A local court in Rajasthan on Wednesday acquitted six out of the nine accused in 2017 Pehlu Khan lynching case. The court of Additional District Judge, Sarita Swami, heard the case on Wednesday, for which arguments from both the sides were completed on August 7,” India Today reports.

Pehlu Khan was lynched by a mob of ‘gau rakshaks’ who are nothing but Hindutva terrorists supported by various off shoots of RSS and BJP. The beating was caught on video which went viral. 6 people were named by Pehlu in his dying declaration, but all of them were given clean chit by Police. Later, 8 or 9 others were arrested and chargedsheeted, out of them 6 acquitted today giving them ‘benefit of doubts’ (as per media reports, judgment not available yet) and 2 more are juvenile their case going on separately. Likely to be acquitted soon.

‘Shoddy investigation’ and ‘travesty of justice’ are mild words to describe what happened today. Dying declaration is usually considered a very authentic evidence but in this case names mentioned by Pehlu given clean chit. Some of those earlier given clean chit were connected to some BJP leaders reportedly. The entire lynching incident was caught on camera but apparently the video was not admitted as evidence. The person who recorded the video also did not depose in Court. NDTV had done a sting operation in which one of the main accused Vipin Yadav was seen speaking on camera that he had beaten Pehlu for one and half hours, he stopped the vehicle and took the keys, but those on camera boasting were also not admitted as evidence by the Court.

Presently there is Congress govt in Rajasthan, but the investigation and chargesheet were done before Ashok Ghelot govt came to power. It is now expected of Rajasthan Chief Minsiter Ashok Ghelot to ensure that the matter is appealed in the Higher Court and all legal recourse are taken to do justice to Pehlu Khan.

According to various media sources, soon after the verdict there were chanting of Bharat Mata Ki Jai in the Court premises. It is not a surprise that RSS BJP camp celebrate a travesty of justice since the victim is a Muslim. Whether these 6 killed Pehlu Khan or not, the fact remains that he was lynched and nobody is found guilty and he did not get justice. So is Bharat Mata going to be happy that her son didn’t get justice? The defense lawyer in the case already gave a Hindu Muslim and Congress BJP spin to the case by saying this is a Historic judgment and a slap on the face of “some political forces”.

Jai Shri Ram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai has become slogans of violence these days.

Meanwhile there are cross cases still pending against the dead Pehlu Khan, and his two sons Irshad and Arif. The cruel irony. Activists are of the opinion that appeal should be made in High Court seeking a retrial.

Timeline of Pehlu Khan lynching case, via Indian Express

April 1, 2017- Pehlu Khan, his sons and two companions attacked by a mob of cow vigilantes while transporting cattle in Behror, Alwar district.

April 3, 2017- Khan succumbs to his injuries. In his statement to police before his death, Khan names six people as his assailants.

June 2017- Case transferred to CID-CB.

September 2017- CID-CB gives clean chit to all 6 men named by Khan before his death. Chargesheet names 9 others including 2 minors.

August 7, 2019- Trial concludes in the case with the prosecution presenting a total of 44 witnesses.

August 14- All six accused acquited.