Ever since the Modi govt has come to power, Hounds of Baskervilles are being spotted in various corners of the media. A fearsome ferocious beast, whose roar can be heard from distant lands, the fire in whose eyes can melt the Antarctic and if they grind their teeth once at you, you will be dead.

Hounds of Modivilles, you do not want to mess with this deadly watch dog of Indian democracy. Trust me. But why can’t they see BJP’s thuggery? The mystery is finally solved. @Sanjukta explains, #Read

You do not want to mess with this deadly watch dog of Indian democracy. Trust me.

This beastly watch dog of Indian democracy is seen daily on great channels like Times Now, Republic. Some of their less ferocious ones are seen on Zee TV and a few others. You will see them asking tough questions off the politicians, browbeating the guests if they do any wrong answer, they do not tolerate whataboutery and illogical replies.


A few of us have always wondered why can’t they see BJP that is the ruling party’s thuggery and channel all their anger towards opposition party that is mostly Indian National Congress, or Trinamool Congress or Aam Aadmi Party? It has been a mystery why in five years not a single show could be seen where they grinded teeth at the BJP President Amit Shah or throw fire balls straight out of their eyes at Prime Minister Modi. Surely, in five years there must have been some issue on which the government was responsible for the situation? Sherlock Holmes was called but couldn’t solve this mystery why BJP garbage escape watch dog’s watchful eyes.

Finally Navika Kumar solved it. In a tweet she revealed deceased BJP leader Arun Jaitely was her mentor and guiding light.

Surely, the light was a bit defective, it couldn’t beam properly. It never showed her proper direction. Every time she thought of the basic lessons she learned in journalism school, that you have to always question the authority and keep sharp critical eye on the government in power, her guiding light dazzled and disoriented her, and turned her fearsome head towards the opposition. Bole to gussa wohi, bas target galat.

Every morning Navika would call him she said. Presumably, the conversation went like this:

Hello uncle, main Navika, aaj ka agenda?

Navika beta, don’t look here. Look over there, towards the opposition camp. Always remember, never look towards our side. Ok beta? Bye.