This poem is the 6th in the series of ‘Search’ written in the last 14 years. Each poem depicts an existential crisis in my life (Part I – She Was Walking Searching, Part II – The Road has Come To And End, Part III Still Searching, Part IV She Became A Tree, Part V Mirror After the Tree)

How does the mirror die?
The mirror is a trap. An infinite loop.
It shows you what you seek
and you seek it back from the mirror.
The mirror is a yes man. It never says no.
It pleases you.
Shows you the best you can be.
But the best of ‘you’ is trapped on the other side for eternity.
The mirror sings, sweet songs, no one else can hear.
The mirror sends you on a wild goose chase.
You search for the man in the mirror.
The song in the mirror.
They search you back.
You and your song are stuck in the mirror.
Smash the mirror.
Now you have a thousand broken mirrors.
And a thousand songs.
And a loop.