I watched the whole Rajya Sabha debate today on the passing of Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019. Here is a summary (From my Twitter feed):

This tweet went viral the most, and got maximum abuses.

Once again Amit Shah speaking in Parliament and I cannot find answer to main question, will these favoured communities get citizenship in one blanket cover or will each person have to prove persecution? Will economic migrants if Hindu get citizenship? And Mus economic migrants?

How can Amit Shah repeatedly say Indian Muslims have nothing to fear when they are not sure if they are citizens or not until a nationwide NRC? At one hand he says we are not citizens unless we prove it, then he says citizens have nothing to fear. #CitizenKaun? #NRC #CABProtest

Are you a citizen of India? Yes. No, you are not until you prove it. A Muslim man who served in Indian Army fought wars thought he was citizen but govt made him stand in a queue show documents to prove it, he failed, state declared him non-citizen.

Congress’s Anand Sharma quoted from Swami Vivekananda’s speech in World Religion Conference in Chicago, where he said “I am proud to be a part of the religion which has for centuries given shelter to the persecuted of ALL religion.”

BJP’s JP Nanda just shouted that “at time of partition, Hindus were majority in India and Muslims were in minority and in Pak Hindus were minority. There should be no confusion who is majority who is minority.” Usually BJP shout, Muslims are not minorities because they are many.

JP Nanda’s speech was very emotive while he started by ridiculing Anand Sharma’s speech saying those who have no content give emotions. Don’t we all know that hearing Modi’s speech. Nanda’s sympathies for refugees is admirable but same could be accommodated in another way.

Swapan Dasgupta emphasized on difference between Refugees and migrants. This is correct. But we are asking where does the Bill specify “only refugees”? Language of the bill is sweeping. Amit Shah also said, “all who entered India, if Hindus+”

Valid concern raised by CPM MP #CAB endangers Hindus living in BN. They might hear, “India is giving you citizenship, go to India.” So it may create divisiveness and hate in these 3 nations, while otherwise Hindus been living comfortably so far.

Army on stand by in Tripura. Why Modi govt enjoy so much human anger, pain and suffering? Why do something by hurting own people? Or maybe NE is not “own people, they are also others like Kashmiris. Only upper caste Hindu male from cow belt is Modi’s own?

The legend is speaking now. P Chidambaram. Chidambaram raised the question I was wondering two days back – What is the use of Parliament? “We are passing something patently unconstitutional and pushing it to the Courts and Judges who are respectable but not elected by People.”

Five to six questions raised by Chidambaram. Solid questions, for which no BJP leader have given any answer so far. He closed by saying “I dare the govt to invite the Attorney General to provide answers, we Parliamentarians deserve answer, why govt in hurry?” “By pushing this Bill, the Parliament is being wrecked. It is being broken from inside. We have abdicated our responsibility.” He added.

This is so true, today even before a Bill is introduced, we know it would be passed, and real battle is SC.

Today a Shiv Sena MP stood in Parliament and spoke out against the habit of calling everybody who’d #RejectCAB as anti-national. The times maybe dark, but there is hope. I am lucky I am living through this time, that I witnessed this profound moment. (Talking about Sanjay Raut here).

“What is the basis of the cut off date 31 Dec 2014? We want to understand this” Satish Chandra, BSP. He adds, “Art 14 uses the word “any person” doesn’t say “citizen” means this act is for even non-citizens. So how can Muslims be excluded?”

“Persecution is a psychology, States which does persecution do not leave any community, in Germany Jews were persecuted, and Germans who stood by Jews were also. You have numbers, you’ll get it passed but think of your place in history,” Manoj Jha, RJD

Very passionate speech by Manoj Jha, he made earnest request to Home Minister to not bulldoze the bill, let there be more discussions. He said 10-20 years of governance are reduced into footnotes (referring to Hitler) so don’t be so arrogant.

MP from Sikkim speaking now. I almost forgot Sikkim is also part of India. Sikkim MP opposed the Bill. Didn’t understand his speech much. (Or maybe I am exhausted watching the debate for over 4 hours now.

“The Bill targets Muslim community, ever since this govt has come it is happening. Mus will no longer come to India from Pak, Afghanistan. My ancestors stayed here thinking we’d get equality in secular India, but today we feel victimized, nobody will come anymore” Mir Fayaz, PDP

Finally finally finally, I found the answer I am searching for so many days, “There is no provision of persecution in this amendment,” said Kapil Sibal. It doesn’t matter persecution or not, if Hindu citizenship will be granted. If Muslim it would be denied. Simple bias.

The Rajya Sabha has to two Gods of oration Kapil Sibal and P Chidambaram.

“Don’t turn Indian Republic into Jurassic Republic where just two dinosaur live,” Kapil Sibal.

Kapil Sibal’s speech still ringing in my head. It was like watching a rock concert or a great movie. Modi should know these Cong lawyers will be in Court arguing in such Godly manner, tearing apart the bill to shreds.

Sanjay Singh of AAP opposing the Bill. Speaking now. You care about Hindus? Why didn’t you give one statement for the Hindus from Bihar, UP, who were beaten in Gujarat? U want to throw ghuspetiya? Why then PM assures BN they won’t be sent back? U just want to break the country.

Ritrabrata Banerjee Independent MP from WB opposed the Bill. He closed by reading 2nd stanza from our National Anthem. Few days back, Prannoy Roy also laid emphasized on this stanza. He also gave a history of Bengalis being persecuted in Pakistan (When BN was not formed) based on language not religion. He reminded us of bhasha andolan. “Bengalis gave blood for their mother tongue.”

Excellent speech by Cong MP from Assam Ripun Bora. He cited a series of statistics to prove that actually no Hindu would benefit from this, it is a fake Bill. It will force legitimate Hindus to lie that they came from BN (long speech couldn’t gather all points).

“Where are the crores persecuted you are mentioning since last 3 days?” asks Ghulam Navi Azad. Acc to govt’s own reply there are no authentic data on whether there is persecution or how many? Demonetisation, GST, Art370, now CAB u create something every few months to distract.

Towards the end,

Anybody noticed, in this debate, opposition leaders discussed so many aspects, so many questions. And the BJP MPs just stood up and started gloating. “Modiji is great Modiji tohfa kabool karo Modiji love you Modiji thank you” Arre where is the content? It reminds me of that film Aankhe (not the Govinda wala) In that Amitabh Bhacchan made 3 blind men rob a bank. There was one character he kept saying “Delnaz ne bol diya to bol diya.” No matter what anybody asked him about what he saw (regarding the bank robbery) he would keep looking at Delnaz’s face, the woman he had a crush on, and repeat that line. That’s Modi bhakts and BJP MPs, MLAs.

But nothing will stop Modi Shah from doing what they want to do. Can you imagine a scene, Amit Shah introduced a Bill. The opposition criticized it referring to many statistics, raised many questions. After hearing all Shah said, actually you all have raised valid points. I will not push for the bill today, we will give it more thought. Just imagine.

To conclude on why the Bill is unconstitutional:

सिर्फ येही 3 देश क्यों और येही 4 धर्म क्यों?अगर इनको किसी एक सूत्र में न बांध पाये तो ये ‘reasonable classification’ नही biased unconstitutional classification hai. बॉर्डर से लगा देश, तो नेपाल / चीन क्यों नही? मुस्लिम देश, तो मालदीप क्यों नही। पड़ोसी देश, तो श्रीलंका क्यों नही? तो ये साफ है के येही 3 देश क्यों इसके पीछे कोई एक आधार नही है (सिवाए संघी खुन्नस के जो ये खुल के बोल नही पाते). अब पूछते है एहि 4 धर्म क्यों? क्योंकि ये इन देशों में माइनॉरिटी है। तो यहूदी/नास्तिक/साइंटोलॉजी लोग नही है माइनॉरिटी? Reasonable classification test fails.

At the end of day long #CABDebate in #RajyaSabha Amit Shah started his response with the same line, this bill is required because of Partition. I muted the TV. Some of you let me know later if he even attempted to give any reply to any of the direct Questions.

Going off now. All the trolls instead of abusing and sending death threats, why don’t you try to give answer to the many questions raised. But then, yuh hi koi troll nahi ban jata. #CAB_नहीँचलेगा #CABकालाकानूनहै #RejectCAB #RejectNRC

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