The details of the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 is not clear. North East is burning over it, unprecedented protests on the street, thousands and thousands of youth are angry but nobody knows why.

What is the law in a nutshell?

From what Home Minister said in Parliament, we only know that any illegal immigrant belonging to Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Paris and Christians coming from 3 countries, Pakistan Bangladesh and Afghanistan and entered India before 31 December 2014 will be granted Indian citizenship. Muslim illegal immigrants from these will be sent back or put in detention camp, but if Hindu get Indian citizenship is the scheme.

Why is Assam and rest of North East Angry?

Because they don’t like any illegal immigrant at all be it Hindu or Muslim. For many years Assam has been trying to remove the Bengalis coming in large number from Bangladesh and settling in Assam’s Barak Valley. In the recently conducted NRC around 19 lakhs in Assam have been found to be illegals. Assam want them to be out of the State. They don’t care if they are Hindus or Muslims, all illegals should be out, has been Assam’s demand always.

“They take our jobs, resources etc, they are making us minority in our own land, polluting our language and culture, throw them out of our state,” the protesters in Assam have been saying for many days.

But with #CAB2019 government is saying only Muslims will be thrown out and not the Hindus or Jains etc. Which means all the people who are right now in Assam they will continue to live and work there since majority of the names on NRC are Hindus.

To pacify the protesters govt is saying, “Don’t worry many North-East states are exempted.”

But what does it mean? Does it solve Assam’s key problem with the illegal immigration? The main concern I have (assuming I am an Assamese) I want all the illegals be Hindu or Muslim out of Assam. Will they go? Or will they continue to live and work in Assam after they get citizenship for behind Hindu? If they don’t leave the state, then Assam’s main problem is not resolved.

Citizens are citizens of whole country, what happens if you exempt some states, does it mean I am not citizen of those states? Does it mean those states have different rules of citizenship. That way even Kashmir had some different rule but govt said one India one rules so why should Kashmir be special and took away special status.

Assam has that fear.

Modi and Shah make grand statements with such eloquence as if they are supposed to mean something to us, but they never do because they don’t spell out the details. We are in post-truth world where nobody has any answers, nobody understands anything nobody has any knowledge but most bhakts are crawling all over the internet copy pasting grand statements by the demagogue Modi, “Don’t worry NE exempted, don’t worry inner line permit, don’t worry cut off date Dec 2014.” None of these statements addresses the main fear, “Will all illegals be out of Assam?”

Instead of addressing this concern Mr. Modi is saying Congress is instigating Assamese. Arre, if Congress had that much political influence that they could manage thousands take to street, they would have got some votes. Cong can’t do this, they are too insignificant now. This is people’s protest, but Modi is dismissing anger and protest. he is disrespecting Assamese people’s sentiments.