Rahul Gandhi has been repeatedly raising the issue of Corona Virus outbreak in India and the need to take it seriously and take appropriate measures but the government of India has been inefficient and lazy in its appraoch. This week at a media appearance in the Parliament House the issue was raised for the third time.

Rahul Gandhi had first tweeted about the outbreak on Feb 12.

On March 3, 2020 he again reminded the govt of its duty in such trying times.

The Corona Virus Outbreak is giving nightmares to every nation. There is unprecedented fear and chaos among people with tons of misinformation flooding WhatsApp and YouTube. It is a trying time for every nation and the true test of an efficient government is in how they tackle a disaster like this as pointed by Mr. Gandhi. But in India, the Modi Government has been totally lackadaisical in their approach. There was not even a Tweet from the Prime Minister until last week which came only after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi repeatedly raised the issue through his tweets and reminded the government’s lack of a strategy to tackle the situation. Finally we are hearing that Modi will hold some meeting with SAARC countries a news which comes after Rahul Gandhi raised the issue at a media appearance in the Parliament House for the third time this week.