Coward Modi or #डरपोक_मोदी is trending at no.2 as of 2.45 pm April 7, 2020. Why? Because the news broke early in the day that:

Under pressure and threats of retaliation from Trump, India lifts ban on #Hydroxychloroquine drug export to US.

Modi and Trump had put a big show of friendship last year at Howdy Modi event. This year Trump visited India amidst Corona Virus Pandemic and India was busy hiding slums from him and put up a fake show of investment and what not. Bhakts are busy spreading fake news that Modi is the master of all other world leaders.

Ironically, as soon as Trump threatened with retaliation if India doesn’t lift its ban on export of the anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloriquine, Modi govt caved in. So much for Modi as a world leader who can create international pressure in India’s favour. What happened to the tall claims by this so called 56″ chested man?

The anti-malarial drug hydroxychloriquine has been said to be a game changer though its efficacy is yet to be fully tested. India’s requirement of the drug is not yet ascertained and it is also not known how much US is taking from us but since Modi is a coward, he caved in.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has intervened on the issue with an advice to keep India First when it comes to drug requirements. “Friendship isn’t about retaliation. India must help all nations in their hour of need but lifesaving medicines should be made available to Indians in ample quantities first,” he tweeted.

Liberals however are not likely to find out Rahul’s statement because media is yet to report his tweet. Until a while ago when Rahul distractors asked the rhetorical question, “Where is Rahul Gandhi?” his supporters replied, “He has tweeted” to which the distractors further said, “But he should be on ground.” Amidst #CoronaLockdown one cannot ask him to be on ground so they might as well respect his Twitter statements.

Meanwhile here is hoping government puts India first and ensures there is enough drug available for the 130 crore Indians and then allow exports.

Cover photo courtesy @KilaFateh on Twitter.