I met Vinay and Charul the couple who have composed iconic national integrity songs at the Karwan E Mohabbat to Gujarat. On this blog I have already done an interview with Mr. Vinay Mahajan. Today, I am reminded of another song they performed at the Central Park, CP, Delhi last year. It is a song for an India we seem to be losing.

Nation is not a piece of land. Nation is not a religion. It is its people and their actions. My nation is the people who had a tryst with destiny and created a secular democracy on Aug 15, 1947. That nation seems to be losing itself by the day as a large number of Indians have stopped believing in the ethos we once lived by, HIndu Muslim Sikh Isai Aapas mein sab bhai bhai.

Secularism is not natural. It is a forced idea. A good idea, but needs preaching because it is natural for humans to dislike if not hate or be wary of any culture that seem unfamiliar or different. That’s why it’s easy for radical right to rise to power. But it is never good for the country’s development goals. That’s why values of unity in diversity communal harmony religious and cultural tolerance have to be constantly inculcated by the State apparatus.

From independence till 90s Central Govt made conscious efforts to repeatably preach communal harmony. Events/PSAs were made on theme of hindu muslim sikh isai apas mein sab bhai bhai. Bollywood, Doordarshan all joined that effort. But 80s onward, RSS-BJP rejected the very need of that harmony. They started building a completely new narrative in which communal harmony or co-existence was a distant dream. Rather in their story Hindus are victims, Muslims, Christians are villains. It is a story of a perceived oppression and need for revenge. Story telling is a very powerful tool people get swayed by stories. The people of a nation will follow the stories the government would tell, the narrative they would build. With a BJP RSS govt India’s narrative and ideas are changing.

It is irresponsible of political parties like BJP to stoke up the hate for vote consolidation because in the long run this hate ruins country’s economy, development and all such goals. Even the majority community won’t be happy in a country torn apart by communal hate.When we got independence developed nations thought India would disintegrate in no time. But Nehru and team was extremely wise. They understood that for India to survive, religion / communal identity had to be kept aside. Unity in diversity had to be preached.And we became a wonder for the world. An example to look up to. EU looked at us with envy and bewilderment. “We can’t stay together, how does India mange it?” India’s story is the story of a poor girl making it to the top with hard work. And it happened before 2014 itself.

Here’s a song by Vinay and Charul for that India. #IndependenceDay2020