Once upon a time a princess was trapped in a castle. Her friends of all kinds, big small black white hindu muslims christians jains bengalis tamils etc rescued and freed her. Later she gave birth to a child.

Being in the castle she was poor and weak. But she did her best to provide for the child. Child started growing, not as much as the rich kids grew but not so bad. At times at night mother fell asleep and neighbours stole their food and money. She felt bad, but life went on.

Years went by, the child grew up to be a fine young man with education and job. At their home she bought things like fridge, tv, computer, internet. She also made the house pucca, got a fence around the house, made it secure so that stray animals don’t enter, she got water electricity, a solar panel. A telescope and a lot of other things. It was a nice beautiful house, though not the richest or biggest house in the town.

But she couldn’t buy a BMW car.

Still she really did good in life and her success made the neighbours look at her in wonder, “How did she do it? That frail impoverished child has become so healthy, how was it possible?” they wondered. They were proud of her, envied her, admired her. Wanted to have friendly relations with her. Nobody had any quarrels with her.

Then, one day a predator moved in to the next house. It wanted to snatch the child away from the mother and also capture they house. He devised a cunning plan. He started meeting the child outside when he would go for grocery shopping or smokes and started instigating him against mother. He said, “look at those homes, their children have BMW, your mother is useless. Did nothing for you.” He also polluted the child’s mind about mother’s past. How she was a young girl, who captured her, who put her in the castle, who rescued her, how she became pregnant etc. All these were unknown to the child because she believed in let bygones be bygone. But this predator saw it an easy way to stoke emotions so he told all kind of half baked stories to instigate the child against the mother.

Child got depressed. Angry. Full of doubts about mother’s role in his upbringing. He started questioning the mother. He didn’t think if mother was useless how did she grow up? Who fed him? Who cooked and cleaned for him? Who sent him to school, paid for his education? He didn’t think. He just doubted his mother.

But she wasn’t keen on explaining. She was mostly aloof. Distances grew. Mother became stranger, predator became a friend, saviour, icon, hero.

One day, on instigation from predator the child put mother under a sleeping curse. Only a true love’s kiss can wake her up now. With her sleeping, the predator moved into the house she built. Using her fridge, tv, computer, internet and telling the child he would not leave for next 50 yrs.

For first few weeks the predator enjoyed all the amenities of the house. Then he started frisking around the house for hidden money saved for rainy days. There was a box named RBI. He forced it open, took the money, spent it on new Goggles and watches for himself. The predator then started losing money in gambling and drinking. Soon he emptied the cash. Now to pay the bills he started selling her assets that she built with much hardship. The TV, Fridge, Chandelier, carpet, old silver wares, hardware, manufacturing unit. All sold. Movable properties were sold. Immovable resources were given out to his friends to use and exploit. Each friend was given one room in the house to use however they wanted. In exchange they’d pay a sum to the predator.

One day some men with guns entered their backyard and started camping there. The child said, “Hey look, foreigners, throw them out.” Predator said, “Where? Where? I can’t see. You are hallucinating. Go to bed. All is well.” Child was in doubt, but trusted him. The child didn’t know, but the predator has himself invited those foreigners in the backyard in exchange of some benefits. Predator has a very old connection with those foreigners, dating back to a time when he had similarly entered another child’s home about 20 yrs ago.

There were many other problems like this. The house had started to wear out, darkened, dilapidated. One day roof was leaking, another day there was no food in fridge, but to every problem the predator said “oh you are just imagining things. All is well. Nothing is wrong.”

By the way, the child still doesn’t have a BMW.

The situation was very worrying. Some of his friends realized what’s happening, they tried to pass him information with proof about how the house was breaking but the predator beat them up and chased them away or captured them and put in a cage in the cellar.

The child is also weak now, can’t get enough food. His own pocket money has been cut off. He lost his job too. But he still thinks this predator to be a well wisher and unable to question him.

The child still does not have a BMW, the thing for which he put his own mother under sleeping curse. She is still in eternal sleep, to be woken up by her true love. True love is not about romance, it is about truth. When a woman or man would come armed with truth, and would kiss her feet, the mother would be free from curse. The house would be bright and beautiful again.

To be continued…