“Do not vote for BJP, ever again, in any election,” is a call to action I recently gave on my Twitter. Once on July 30 and then September 2. Both times they went to massively viral reaching 6 to 7 thousand Likes. How or why?

People like to have a call to action. Media is full of opinion on how bad things are in India. The nation is going through one of its worst time since independence. Even Indira Gandhi’s Emergency was not this bad. Rahul Gandhi in a Tweet listed a series of Modi made disasters,

  • Historic GDP reduction -23.9%
  • Highest Unemployment in 45 yrs
  • 12 Crs job loss
  • Centre not paying States their GST dues
  • Globally highest COVID-19 daily cases and deaths
  • External aggression at our borders

If you read any news, current affairs and political magazine you would see countless opinion columns spelling out the problem. But what is the solution? Solution is the change of government.

This is where our activists and thinkers fall short of. Activists, thinkers, writers etc exposing Modi govt’s corruption inefficiency and fascist tendencies but are not telling the voters what to do about it. Bhai khule ke, saral bhashe mein bolo, DO NOT VOTE FOR BJP. It is not politics, it is your duty to show the way. Remember, until you spell it out, “do not vote for BJP” even BJP don’t feel so rattled. You can keep crying about human rights violations, loss of democracy, they would just scoff and ignore. But the moment you do something that remotely has the potential to be translated into a real action, the loss of votes, they feel rattled. Until then it’s not a real fight. Everybody want to hear straight talk. There’s no point in rona dhona, appeals petitions letters outrage. Keep it simple, keep telling everybody you know, every conversation you have, DO NOT VOTE FOR BJP NEXT TIME.

When I openly say do not vote for BJP, it comes as a shock, how can anybody say that directly? Aren’t we supposed to be nuetral? Not really. Neutrality for journalists is a fallacy. Pure cold objectivity is a lie. Every action is subjective. Reporting is different from Opinions. We must report fact without hiding anything without manipulation, and then we can have an opinion based on fact. No journalistic ethics tell you to not have opinions at all. Judges, Police and administrators should be neutral, not writers, thinkers, columnists, academics, activists. Fascism cannot be fought by neutral balancers.

If you criticize BJP or Modi and openly support Rahul Gandhi a section of both Sanghi trolls and liberals would call you Rahul Gandhi bhakt, Loyalist, boot licker, fan girl – these words are used to undermine a very legitimate aspect of democracy – Endorsement. In advanced countries endorsing a leader before election is a very normal thing. Editors, industrialists they all do it. It is that time in India for every thinker and influencer to openly endorse Rahul Gandhi’s leadership because there is no other side. You cannot think of balancing both sides or being neutral at the face of blatant human rights violation, corruption and loss of democracy and individual rights.

One should also remember that balancing both sides does not make you great automatically. Do not think you are better than bhakts because you play both sides. Bhakts are a problem not because they are 100% convinced about their leadership choice. But because they chose the wrong side. It is good to be sure of your choice. It is brave to openly declare your choice. But it is morally wrong to approve corruption and human rights violation of your leader. I don’t like secular-liberals who deride Rahul Gandhi. I simply have no patience for fake neutral both side balancers. It is just not good enough for me that you criticize Modi-BJP-RSS. I need people to openly endorse RG as the alternative. Fascism cannot be fought by balancers.

If you take one step outside your home and look around what do you see? Raods, flyovers, cars, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, airports, electricity, wifi, computers, mobile phones – everything you see was here in India before 2014, there is nothing that Modi did for the first time. Except -24 GDP.

Name one aspect of development in which there was no initiative/investment by India from 1947 to 2014. Like nuclear /hydro power, space research, IT, defense, medical/ economic/physics/ social science research, Agriculture, Irrigation, Archaeology, housing, skill development, etc any area where nothing happened? Think of any areas and departments which are markers of development. Say maternal mortality rate, child survival rate, literacy, higher education, sanitation, road constructions… keep adding and tell me if any initiative/effort/investment done before Modi. The answer is no. And yet this party keeps saying that nothing happened in 70 years. When you have such a party which is pure evil, not just bad but immoral, unethical, you don’t think of balancing. You have to think of saving the nation and restore humanity.