We are living in post-truth age. Truth is called false, and falsehood is called truth in this age, black is called white and white is black.

Op India, a radical right propaganda website with possible link to India’s ruling party BJP, claims to be truthful and blames others of falsehood. Several times they have called Alt News of carrying fake news, whereas Alt India is internationally accredited Fact check website and the same international agency have turned down Op India’s request for certification.

Read this NewsLaundry story on how much this website lack credibility.

OpIndia: Hate speech, vanishing advertisers, and an undisclosed BJP connection by Ayush Tiwari.

In the backdrop of Bloomsbury India withdrawing its book deal with RSS BJP linked authors who claim to tell the ‘untold story of Delhi riots’ Op India has run this media story blaming Shekhar Gupta of blaming Right wing authors.

In this video blog I show you how to prove their falsehood they used a 45 seconds clip from Shekhar Gupta’s Cut The Clutter Video and mischievously edited it to make a narrative that is not only false, but 180 degree opposite to what Mr Gupta said in his original video.

Notice the point where Mr. Gupta said “several prominent Bloomsbury authors and you’ll see those name on screen…” there were screenshots of @DalrympleWill @harikunzru @AatishTaseer etc. In the clip that Op India has put up on their website that same 45 seconds with same dialogue in the background is mischievously showing screenshots of Tweets from @sanjeevsanyal @Sanjay_Dixit etc. Thereby creating a lie which is 180 degree opposite to the truth. Mr. Gupta blamed liberal mob for bullying Bloomsbury in withdrawing the book on Delhi Riots, and Op India said he is blaming Right wing. Mr. Gupta did not even mention the right wing writers in his video. Entire Cut The Clutter video was about blaming the liberals.

This is the extent of falsehood we are living in.

Mr. Gupta’s original video here

I don’t follow this website regularly because they are full of vile hate and only chanced upon this story, but it is sufficient to prove how shady Op India is.